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Arrest / Disparo - split 7"

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday October 28 2014 in New Releases

Two Spanish punk bands on one 7" via Trabuc Records: Arrest play oi-influenced stuff whil Valencia's Disparo play two "melodic mid-tempore hardcore punk stompers."

link: trabucrecords.bandcamp.com/album/061-arrest-disparo-split-ep-now-available

No Sir I Won't - 'Shit' 12

added by Alex Deller on Saturday October 25 2014 in New Releases

Boston punx No Sir I Won't have gone and put another record out. This time it's a 12" that they can expect people to refer to as "that Shit EP they did." The band feature ex and current members of bands like Libyans, Witches With Dicks, Brain Killer and Foreign Objects and play anarcho stuff influenced by Crass, Conflict and Flux Of Pink Indians.

link: www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

North of America - Elements of an Incomplete Map - Vinyl!

added by Andy Malcolm on Friday October 24 2014 in New Releases

Noyes Records and North North Records have joined forces to reissue the long lost North of America LP, "Elements of an Incomplete Map", on vinyl for the first time. How about that! It originally came out on Matlock in 1998 as a mere compact disc. As progress relentlessly marches on, we have dispensed with such dated technology, and moved on to the superior and vastly more modern vinyl format. As you would expect for a fancy record in 2014, it is being remastered, and pressed on 180g. Here is a track to remind you how good this lot were:

link: www.noyesrecords.com/

Irritation - 'Socialrealismen' 7"

added by Alex Deller on Thursday October 23 2014 in New Releases

Four songs of Swedish crust in the vein of Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade featuring members of Passiv Dödshjälp, Asylium and Kronisk Misantropi. It's out now via Phobia Records.

link: www.phobiarecords.net

Eureka California - UK tour dates

added by Andy Malcolm on Wednesday October 22 2014 in Gigs

The Athens, GA skuzzed scrap pop duo Eureka California are coming over to the UK for their second tour this November. The band are supporting their second album Crunch on HHBTM Records.

6th - Halifax @ Puzzle Hall w/ Hobbes Fanclub
7th - Liverpool @ 81 Renshaw w/ Good Grief, & Norweb
8th - Scarborough @ Cellars w/ City Yelps, & Tallboy
9th - Bristol @ Cafe Kino w/ Personal Best, & Two White Cranes
10th - Cardiff @ Buffalo Bar w/ Nuclear Lullaby
11th - Manchester @ Guilty by Association w/ Amida
12th - Sheffield @ Audacious Artspace w/ Cowtown
13th - London @ Buffalo Bar w/ Skinny Girl Diet, & Radstewart
14th - Brighton @ the Hope w/ Skinny Girl Diet, Girlpool, Witching Waves
15th - Nottingham @ the Chameleon w/ Tigercats, Dignan Porch, & Witching Waves

link: eurekacaliforniaband.com/

Survival Knife - 'Survivalized' EP

added by Alex Deller on Monday October 20 2014 in New Releases

Chunklet have done gone and done a EP from that Survival Knife band. Here is what they say about it: "Olympia's Survival Knife started out with a whalloping one-two punch of singles on Kill Rock Stars and Sub Pop last year which any/all discerning record buyer purchased. Hot off the heels of their blistering full length (Loose Power on Issac Brock's Glacial Pace label) earlier this year, Survival Knife are back with a new release (Survivalized) just in time for their first east coast tour. Survival Knife's sound embodies the fierce guitar work of Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno (both from the legendary Unwound) along with the husband/wife team of Kris and Meg Cunningham. Think Greg Ginn. Think John Reis. Think guitar rock. Plain and simple. "Thud of the Jackboot" bursts open five songs of unparalleled whoopass. Guitar rock in 2014. Admit it. You want it back. Now it's time for Chunklet to have a piece of Survival Knife's raw sturm und drang. Gorgeous front cover artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator Trevor Claxton."

link: www.chunklet.com

Reiziger play some gigs

added by Alex Deller on Sunday October 19 2014 in Gigs

Hey! Who remembers Reiziger? Probably not you! But they're good! They sound(ed?) like a Belgian Van Pelt and did a split 12" with Bob Tilton and stuff. Here are where they are at and when:

30/10 - The Victoria, Dalston w/ Paper Doll House and Dead Days Beyond Help

31/10 - Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/ Smaris, Dominique Manu, Modern Love and Commiserations

01/11 - West Track Studios, Canterbury w/ Pax Indigo, Kind Eyes and Kinshot

link: reiziger.bandcamp.com/track/thank-you-for-the-warmth