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Ajax / The Impalers European tour!

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 13 2015 in Gigs

Two blinding hardcore acts are set to devastate the continent in May and June: Ajax and The Impalers. Between 'em they've released some belting records for Static Shock, Beach Impediment, 540 and Todo Destruido and this'll definitely be one not to miss!

Friday May 29th - Tenterhooks, Dublin, Ireland

Saturday May 30th - TBA, London, UK

Sunday May 31st -The Meatlocker, Leeds, UK

Monday June 1st - The Lughole, Sheffield, UK

Tuesday June 2nd - Music City, Antwerp, Belgium

Wednesday June 3rd - Paris, France

Thursday June 4th - Getaria, Spain

Friday June 5th - Rock Palace, Madrid, Spain

Saturday June 6th - Barcelona, Spain

Sunday June 7th - St Etienne, France

Monday June 8th - Milan, Italy

Tuesday June 9th - Attack, Zagreb, Croatia

Wednesday June 10th - Venster, Vienna, Austria

Thursday June 11th - New Direction Fest, Jugend Haus, Herrenberg, Suttgart, Germany

Friday June 12th - OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Saturday June 13th - Bremen, Germany

Sunday June 14th - Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany

Monday June 15th - Malmo, Sweden

Tuesday June 16th - Gothenburg, Sweden

Wednesday June 17th - Oslo, Norway

Thursday June 18th - Stockholm, Sweden

Friday June 19th - K-Town Fest, Copenhagen, Denmark

Saturday June 20th - KastanienKeller, Berlin, Germany

If you've not heard either band yet, initiate yourself with the latest release from The Impalers via the link below.

link: staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/psychedelic-snutskallar

Flogging a dead WarHorse

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday April 8 2015 in Interviews

WarHorse pretty much crushed it, and with Southern Lord's reissue of the band's sole album still cooling on the slab it seemed a reasonable enough time to try to find out more about 'em. Click the link below to read an interview with bassist Jerry Orne and drummer Mike Hubbard.

link: blog.collective-zine.co.uk/?p=201

Onmacht 7" out now

added by Alex Deller on Thursday April 2 2015 in New Releases

The debut 7" from Brighton punk act Onmacht is out now via Tadpole Records. It sounds pretty fearsome. Email Darren at spudutatAThotmailDOTcom if you fancy a copy.

link: soundcloud.com/onmacht

New band - Trials Of Early Man

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday April 1 2015 in New Band

Pretty excited about this new band with members of Action and Action, CircusAct, The Good Wife and Caretaker. The first song in this 3 track selection in particular gives me good vibes. Kind of like early Van Pelt in a sort of a way. Check it out anyway.

link: trialsofearlyman.bandcamp.com/releases

E150 - complete discography 2xLP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday March 31 2015 in Press Release

Bcore has gone and released a 2xLP discography compiling all of E150's releases, plus the stuff from the Seein' Red split which never saw the light of day. If you've not heard 'em they were from Spain, played great, ultra-fast hardcore and were insanely good live.

link: bcoredisc.com

Helvetia - New Album

added by Andy Malcolm on Sunday March 29 2015 in New Releases

A bunch of new shit from Helvetia has materialised. Here's the tale:

An album worth of new songs was recorded at the beginning of 2013 after the release of "Nothing in Rambling" but the files where deemed lost after Jason's computer exploded after sitting in a hot van for too long . Finally a back up of some of the tunes was recovered and could be mastered and made available. This is "A Dot running towards the Dust - The lost Sessions"

Not had a chance to work my way through it yet as I got excited and came here to post this, but the first song is sounding goooooood. You can pay a whole 5 bucks to download it from their Bandcamp page.

link: helvetiamusic.bandcamp.com/releases

New Shonen Bat LP

added by Alex Deller on Sunday March 29 2015 in New Releases

Spain's Shonen Bat have a new album, 'Bad Character', out on Otomo Records and it's a fine slice of indiemo, touching on bands such as Braid. The first song reminds me a lot of an Eat People track. It's cheapo and available from their Bandcamp.

link: shonenbat.bandcamp.com/album/bad-character-2