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Dogmatist - 'Worn Out Welcome' cassette

added by Alex Deller on Thursday January 29 2015 in New Releases

"Pissed off hardcore from K-TOWN!" is what Cactus Distro have to say about this one, before namedropping such greats as Rorschach and the almighty Dystopia. Gotta be worth a listen, right?

link: cactusdistro.weebly.com

New Trabuc releases (Generacion Suicida and Auxilio)

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday January 28 2015 in New Releases

Trabuc have a couple of new releases out: a Euro pressing of Generacion Suicida's 'Todo Termina' 12" (oiginally released by Going Underground) and the 10-track debut from Valencian d-beaters Auxilio. Next up from the label: a European pressing of Savageheads' self-titled EP.

link: www.trabucrecords.bandcamp.com

Booking UK Tours for: No Problem, Nervosas, Future Punx, Teledrome

added by Andy Malcolm on Monday January 26 2015 in Gigs

If you can help, email: info@trapdoor-tourz.de

Hutt River Province

added by Andy Malcolm on Friday January 23 2015 in New Releases

Australia's Hutt River Province have their self-titled tape available online via ruined smile with 60 minutes of slowcore interspersed with field recordings and instrumentals. The band features members of No Action, Nebraska, Mind Blanks, Celador and Red Snow.

link: ruinedsmilerecords.bandcamp.com/album/hutt-river-province

Bonehouse LP out now

added by Andy Malcolm on Sunday January 18 2015 in New Releases

"Tomorrow's Worn Out Blues" is the first full-length album from Dundee emo-punks Bonehouse and it is now available on 12" vinyl LP as well as digital download. Several labels have combined to make this record happen: Black Lake Records (UK), Make That A Take Records (UK), Boslevan Records (UK), Wolf Town DIY (UK), Steady Anchor Records (EU), Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records (EU), and Pint Sized Records (US/CAN)

Lions Of Tsavo interview

added by Alex Deller on Friday January 16 2015 in Interviews

An interview with the brilliant, brutal Lions Of Tsavo has been posted at the link below. Go read!

link: blog.collective-zine.co.uk/?p=176

Eric Ayotte UK Tour January dates

added by Andy Malcolm on Friday January 16 2015 in Gigs

Eric Ayotte is in the UK from tomorrow, touring with a full band, and Young Attenborough. Here are the dates:

17/01 - Southampton - The Rathaus
19/01 - Bristol - Hydra Bookshop
21/01 - Nottingham- JT Soar
22/01 - Leamington Spa - Althorpe Studios
23/01 - Cardiff - Four Bars
24/01 - London - The Montague Arms
25/01 - Norwich - Olive Cafe
26/01 - Cambridge - CB2
27/01 - Brighton - Marwood

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