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Sigh Down One - 'Memory Is Short Longing' LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday July 14 2016 in New Releases

This one sounds CURIOUS, and while, I'm not 100% convinced by the description, Nevin/IFP Records has enough of a track record that this should at least be worth checking out when it drops on August 1. Before then, you can listen to a track on thee Bandcamp.

"Sigh Down One is from Montreal and play a shoegaze/punk hybrid as if My Bloody Valentine hooked up with Wymyn's Prysyn and they were commissioned to write songs that could have been on the Crow soundtrack. It's really really good - the gloom and haze of shoegaze with the blown up guitars and nervous energy of today's better outsider punk."

link: sighdownone.bandcamp.com

Silkworm - 'Lifestyle' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Thursday July 7 2016 in Reissues

Touch & Go are doing another Silkworm vinyl reissue. This time it's Lifestyle'. Here's what the label says:

"Originally released in 2000, Lifestyle is Silkworm’s seventh album (and second for Touch and Go). These songs show Silkworm presenting their clearest and most polished visions. To the beat of Michael Dalquist’s drums, Andy Cohen’s razor-wire guitar and Tim Midgett’s baritone guitar snake around one another like twin brothers with a common soul. And, when the last strains of Lifestyle fall away, there is hope - hope that reasonably well-adjusted adult guys can turn the boredom and disappointment of the everyday into glorious art-rock."

link: touchandgorecords.com

Cult Values - s/t LP

added by Alex Deller on Sunday July 3 2016 in New Releases

The debut LP from sharp, spiky transatlantic punx Cult Values is out now courtesy of Sabotage and Static Age in Europe and Deranged in the US. Sabotage also have a bunch more cool stuff on the way, including the second 7" from the almighty G.L.O.S.S. and an LP from Warsong.

link: sabotagerecords-shop.net

Funeral Moth - 'Transience' pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Saturday July 2 2016 in Pre-orders

Throne are taking pre-orders for the vinyl edition of 'Transience', the latest outpouring from Japanese funeral doom maestros Funeral Moth.

link: thronerecs.com

Earth Girls - 'Wanderlust' LP pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Saturday July 2 2016 in Pre-orders

Grace Mistake Records are taking pre-orders for the debut album from power poppers Earth Girls, which will be out on August 12. The label says: "'Wanderlust' is the impeccable follow-up to the band's previous EPs and is once again jam-packed with the infectious melodies and driving rhythms that you've come to expect and love - guaranteed to quell your thirst for that perfect summertime soundtrack."

link: gravemistakerecords.blogspot.com

New Doe LP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday June 29 2016 in New Releases

Doe have had a reasonable amount of words written on this very website saying they are any good, and the first full length, 'Some Things Last Longer Than You’ (produced by Matthew Johnson) drops on September 9th, courtesy of Specialist Subject. This song here sounds like all sorts of things from the 90s. It's rousing and rocking. New Doe, tho.

link: doetheband.co.uk/stllty-ssr

12 Hour Turn - live tape from 1998 release

added by Andy Malcolm on Wednesday June 29 2016 in New Releases

The other day I had an email from Bakery Outlet regarding a couple of new releases, and there at the bottom, overlooked until I forwarded it on to Mr. Deller, it said: "Coming Soon: Twelve Hour Turn "Live at WNYU 1998" Cassette (split w/Rose Quarter)". So there you go. Coming soon. No idea how soon mind.

link: www.bakeryoutletrecords.com/index.htm