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new Helvetia LP - 9th October

added by Andy Malcolm on Saturday September 26 2015 in New Releases

No-one makes music like Duster. Except sometimes Helvetia. Check out this absolute winner that is on the forthcoming Dromomania LP, out October 2nd. Wowee.

Silkworm - 'It'll Be Cool' vinyl reissue

added by Alex Deller on Friday September 25 2015 in Reissues

Touch & Go are doing a lovely thing and putting Silkworm's ninth (!) album out on vinyl. It originally came out in 2004 and is ruddy great - perfect if you like wry, tuckered-out, left-of-centre indie rock.

link: www.touchandgorecords.com

Viral Age - two new releases

added by Alex Deller on Sunday September 20 2015 in New Releases

Two new releases are ready to order from Viral Age. First is a brand new 7" from Geriatric Unit. 3 fast as hell ragers. Old, fast, and loud, 500 copies on red vinyl. This is a split label release with CREW FOR LIFE (Japan) and UK label IN YOUR FACE! Also out now is a 7" with 2 new tracks from Endless Grinning Skulls, and the first recordings as a 3-piece. They have a different sound to the other EGS stuff, with a bit of a 'burning spirits' feel. 500 copies on white vinyl. Both releases cost £4 each.

link: viralagerecords.blogspot.com

'Old Domino', a book by Jackie Roman

added by Alex Deller on Friday September 18 2015 in Books

This sounds pretty cool, even though the subject matter is rather a bum-out: "Old Domino documents five of the DIY art and music venues that have been displaced as a result of the excessive luxury development of the Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from 2007-2014. The images are a street-level glimpse into Death By Audio, Glasslands, 285 Kent, Monster Island and Dead Herring with appearances by artists like Shannon and the Clams, Liquor Store, Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkeybirds, JEFF the Brotherhood and more. Photographer Jackie Roman compiles concert reportage and street scenes in a photo book that takes the viewer on a tour of a community that was once considered a mecca for DIY and underground music."

link: brownowlpress.com/product/olddomino

Groak - 'Masticator' EP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday September 15 2015 in New Releases

Leeds sludge act Groak have a new EP out. It has rats on the cover. You can listen to it below. It would be funny if they did a split with Boak. Tee hee.

link: groak.bandcamp.com/releases

new band: The Blow Ins

added by Andy Malcolm on Saturday September 12 2015 in Bands

The Blow Ins is a new punk band based in Dublin, though they appear to be Polish. They certainly don't have Irish accents. Kinda Leatherface-y gruff, melodic punk. Here's their demo, out on tape soon.

link: theblowins.bandcamp.com/releases

New Pretty Hurts

added by Andy Malcolm on Saturday September 12 2015 in New Releases

New 7" from raucous German post punkers Pretty Hurts coming out on vinyl on September 14 from Grave Imprint and Erste Theke Tontraeger. You can check it out here.

link: prettyhurts.bandcamp.com/album/expectations