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Unyielding Love - 'The Sweat Of Augury' pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Monday August 22 2016 in Pre-orders

Northern Irish blackened noise-grinders Unyielding Love have their debut coming out via Sentient Ruin Laboratories at the end of September. It's called 'The Sweat Of Augury' and, frankly, sounds pretty bloody horrific. Listen to a track and/or order a copy via the link below.

link: sentientruin.com/releases/unyielding-love-the-sweat-of-our-augury

Tense Reaction and Paranoid State on tour

added by Alex Deller on Thursday August 18 2016 in Gigs

We're in for a double dose of Dutch punk this October, as thrashers Tense Reaction and post-hardcore types Paranoid State hit our shores for a brief jaunt. Dates are:

20/10 - Veg Bar, Brixton

21/10 - JT Soar, Nottingham

22/10 - TBC, Sheffield (with Liberty, Active Slaughter)

23/10 - Help needed! Get in touch with Marv Gadgie if you can sort something!

link: tensereaction.bandcamp.com

Knife Hits - 'Eris' LP pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday August 17 2016 in Pre-orders

Dead Tank are taking orders for the 'Eris' LP by Knife Hits. The label says: "'Eris' is twelve tracks of wounded and rabid hardcore, evoking turn-of-the-millennium screamo bands like Orchid and Pg. 99 who dealt in passion, poetry, and all-out brutality. The sound is so intense, it veers from screamo to grindcore, with blastbeats pelting like a hailstorm and riffs hurtling forward the way Discordance Axis' once did, and occasionally slows to a white-knuckle, Converge-worthy dirge. Akin to newer bands like Loma Prieta, Knife Hits takes the most crushing and emotive vibes of the late '90s/early '00s scene and makes new magic with it."

link: deadtankrecords.com

Whipping Post demo out now

added by Alex Deller on Thursday August 11 2016 in New Releases

Whipping Post is a new band from Leeds that features folks from Perspex Flesh, Mob Rules and The Flex. They have a four-track demo out. You can order it now.

link: whipping-post.bandcamp.com

The Great Sabatini / Godstopper split on the way

added by Alex Deller on Saturday August 6 2016 in Pre-orders

No List Records are releasing a split between two bands we rather like: crunchy manglers The Great Sabatini and post-hardcore shapeshifters Godstopper. It comes out on August 19th. Until then you can check out one of the Godstopper tracks via the link below.

link: store.nolistrecords.com/album/split-5

Ortega - 'Sacred States' pre-order

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday August 3 2016 in Pre-orders

Narshardaa are taking pre-orders for Ortega's 'Sacred States' 2xLP, which they describe as "collisions of doom, sludge and noise that tell tales of abyssal mankind" and features input from the Gnaw Their Tongues fella and Ethan Lee McCarthy of Primitive Man. The CD version will be handled by Consouling Sounds, while the tape will come courtesy of Tartarus Records.

link: narshardaa.com

New At War With False Noise releases

added by Alex Deller on Monday August 1 2016 in New Releases

At War With False Noise have three new releases out, and they're all typically horrible. There's an ultra-limited cassette edition of Legion Of Andromeda's brilliantly arduous 'Iron Scorn' album; a tour split between Legion Of Andromeda and Scots doom/drone menaces Ommadon and a tape by Leteo entitled 'Nothing But The Night'. This latter item the label describes as "creepy, deathly horror electronics from Mexico."

link: atwarwithfalsenoise.com