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Memory Loss 'Blackout' 7" out on Grave Mistake

added by Alex Deller on Friday December 9 2016 in New Releases

The vinyl debut from Richmond noisemongers Memory Loss is out now via Grave Mistake. Says the label: "On 'Blackout' you get four songs that mine from the golden era of early 80s hardcore punk and 90s-era noise rock but with a very unique and individual take. Each song is the equivalent of a dark path we've all been down, but never talked or written about. They’ve placed their finger right on the pulse of just how difficult it is to live in the age of anxiety and dread. If you like your punk with a general feeling of despair and disillusionment, look no further."

link: gravemistakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/blackout-e-p

New Drunken Sailor releases (The Cowboys; Color TV)

added by Alex Deller on Monday November 21 2016 in New Releases

Drunken Sailor have sobered up long enough to release two new chunks o' punk: the Euro pressing of the Cowboys' sloppy, slovenly debut LP and the demo from Minneapolis powerpoppers Color TV pressed onto 7" vinyl.

link: drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

Punkdistro pre-orders (Disrupt, Martyrdöd, Anstalt)

added by Alex Deller on Friday November 18 2016 in Pre-orders

Punkdistro have three lots of pre-orders on the go. First is a rather mammoth 4-LP Disrupt box set compiling 80 (!!!) studio songs. Next is the vinyl edition of Martyrdöd's latest rager, 'List', which is being released in conjunction with La Famila, D-Takt & Rapunk and Southern Lord. Finally there's an EP entitled 'Knives' from Anstalt, who play "catchy as fuck, crude and raw hardcore Motörpunk'n'roll."

link: punkdistro.de

Unwound - 'What Was Wound' box set

added by Alex Deller on Thursday November 17 2016 in Reissues

Numero Group have announced an absolutely ruddy ridiculous box set featuring every sparrow's fart Unwound (and affiliates) ever recorded. Read the description and try not to dribble: "The definitive Unwound. All seven of their studio albums, nine singles, 24 compilation tracks, complete Peel Sessions, original demo tape, original 'Fake Train' recorded with Tim Green, 'Live Leaves', a disc of live rarities, and pre-Unwound band Giant Henry's complete recordings (plus 2001 reunion show), plus a 90-minute DVD filled with live footage, videos, and other detritus of the VHS era. Foil-wrapped hardcover book contains David Wilcox’s complete 40,000 word liner notes, reflections by Justin Trosper, Sara Lund, and Brandt Sandeno, map of Olympia punk houses, dozens of previously unpublished photographs, a flyer gallery, and annotated discography."

link: numerogroup.com

Unreleased City Of Caterpillar song

added by Alex Deller on Monday November 14 2016 in Pre-orders

Like every other band in the world, City Of Caterpillar have reformed and are doing some gigs. Some of their back catalogue is also being remastered. As part of this process, a long, unreleased song called 'As the Curtains Dim; (little white lie)' has been uncovered and is available for 'digital pre-order' right now via The Archivist, the digital Limb of Robotic Empire (aka Robodog). You can hear it elsewhere on the internet right now if you can't wait 'til Friday to hear it.

link: thearchivistlabel.bandcamp.com/album/as-the-curtains-dim-little-white-lie

Uranium Club 7" and Tyrannamen LP out on Static Shock

added by Alex Deller on Monday November 14 2016 in New Releases

Static Shock have two new releases up for grabs. First is a two-song 7" by excellent post-punkers Uranium Club, and the second is a repress of Tyrannamen's debut full-length. Needless to say, both are worth of your attention.

link: staticshockrecords.blogspot.com

Moving Targets - 'The Other Side: Demos and Sessions' LP

added by Alex Deller on Monday November 14 2016 in Pre-orders

Boss Tuneage are doing a 'made to order' LP compiling a bunch of obscure stuff by the excellent Moving Targets. Label says: "This release compiles (as you may guess) unreleased demos and radio sessions, predominantly recorded 1983-1988 (with one session from 2007)." You only have until 2 December to order yourself a copy. Ok?

link: bosstuneage.bigcartel.com