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New Plaids LP

added by Andy Malcolm on Tuesday September 16 2014 in New Releases

Plaids LP is available to check oot right now. Sweet!

Napalm Death - 'The Earache Peel Sessions' LP

added by Alex Deller on Monday September 15 2014 in Pre-orders

This Friday Earache will be whopping up pre-orders for 'The Earache Peel Sessions' by Napalm Death. As the title might suggest, it's a bunch of sessions Napalm Death did for John Peel. Three of 'em, recorded from 1987-1990 and totalling 34 songs. Expect fear, emptiness and despair as the Earache site slows to a crawl and you get left with plain black vinyl rather than whichever one is limited to 100. Life, eh? So cruel.

link: www.earache.com

Famine - 'Campaign For Expenditure Reduction' 7"

added by Alex Deller on Saturday September 13 2014 in New Releases

Eight tracks of fast grinding hardcore from Leeds, co-released by Dead Heroes, WOOAAARGH, Skin And Bones, Pie And Mosh, Panico Rural and ADGD.

link: www.deadheroeslabel.bigcartel.com

Aeges - 'Above & Down Below' pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Friday September 12 2014 in Pre-orders

The Mylene Sheath are taking pre-orders for the second Aeges album, which is called 'Above & Down Below'. Their first album was a bit of a belter, and we're expecting great things from this one. Big, chunky, grungey post-hardcore for fans of Quicksand, Handsome, Hum and Failure.

link: www.mylenesheath.com

New Adagio830 pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday September 9 2014 in Pre-orders

Adagio830 are taking pre-orders for three upcoming releases: a split LP featuring Afterlife Kids and Lord Snow; an LP from ex-Orchid/Ampere skrammerz Ritual Mess and an LP from post-hardcore types Crows-An-Wra. Go and have a sniff.

link: www.bisaufsmesser.com

Stumm - 'Stumm Is Dead' cassette

added by Alex Deller on Friday September 5 2014 in New Releases

The last gasp from Finnish sludgers Stumm. Here's what the label says: "Always on the brink of self-destruction, the Finnish sludge trio Stumm had a painstaking seven-year run of activity between 2003-2010. In addition to the material released on the demo, full length album and two split vinyls, the band had a selection of songs that were only performed in live situations prior to the band eventually ceasing to exist. All unreleased material is presented on this tape, the quality of performances and recordings ranging from horrid to unbearable, but Stumm was never one for entertainment value or good vibrations. Pure pain put into music. Besides the previously unreleased material included are the only two cover songs Stumm ever played live, by Deep Purple and Mayhem respectively. "Stumm is Dead" presents the final nail in the coffin for one of the early bands in the Finnish sludge scene. Limited and numbered edition of 100 copies, only available through Kaos Kontrol. Professionally duplicated black C-80 tape with black on-shell printing and black/black printed j-card. No digital download. No nothing."

link: www.kaos-kontrol.org

Science - Skate + Punk vid

added by Andy Malcolm on Wednesday September 3 2014 in Bands

Science, who just happen to be ex- End of the Century Party, made this cool skate + punk collaboration vid with MIA Skate Shop. Does that make it skatepunk? Maybe the LP will be out on Fat! Check it out... vinyl coming soon.