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Soul Structure EP out

added by Andy Malcolm on Friday August 28 2015 in New Releases

Soul Structure is a band from Nottingham which features members of Plaids, The Blue Period, Akallabêth and What Price Wonderland. Their EP is out now on Barely Regal for £7. It's also available in the US via Ebullition Records in a few weeks, and in mainland Europe via Dingleberry records and distribution in a week or so.

link: barelyregalrecords.bigcartel.com/product/brr030-soul-structure-the-body-of-man-12-ep-pre-order

Italian Punk Hardcore 1980-1989 Il Film DVD preorders

added by Alex Deller on Thursday August 27 2015 in Pre-orders

Lovehate80.it and FOAD Records are now taking pre-orders for this two-hour flick covering Italian hardcore's 'furious years'. Expect finterviews, live footage and flyers covering some 50 bands. Sounds good, eh?

link: www.lovehate80.it

Sidetracked - 'Opposition' 7"

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday August 26 2015 in New Releases

Another new one from Rotten To The Core. "These 12 songs were culled from decade old riff tapes and made into a cohesive EP that sounds like it could've been written yesterday. Expect manic fastcore and a few mid paced numbers. For fans of Capitalist Casualties and Lack of Interest."

link: rtcrecords.storenvy.com

Senior Fellows - 'Shallow Grave For A Dying God' LP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday August 26 2015 in Pre-orders

Dead Tank is now taking pre-orders for the second album from 'political sludge' pounders Senior Fellows, entitled 'Shallow Grave For A Dying God'. Says the label: "Encompassing and building on the thoughtful menace of Thou, the brutality of Primitive Man, and securing a backbone inspired by the sheer power of Neurosis, their distaste for organized religion and wider social hopelessness seeps through every pore on the record."

link: deadtankrecords.com

The Stops - 'Nameless Face' LP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday August 26 2015 in Pre-orders

The Stops' 'Nameless Face' LP is up for preorder now. Sabotage Records says the band, who feature members of the Red Dons and the Pedestrians, "play music that is dark, moody and melody-driven; their songs create an atmosphere of driving, distorted punk which is at times informed by power pop guitar riffs and tight vocal harmonies." They're also touring mainland Europe in October, if that's where you happen to live.

link: www.sabotagerecords.net

Gilead Media announces Kowloon Walled City and Krallice vinyl

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday August 25 2015 in New Releases

Gilead Media will be putting out the vinyl versions of the amazing new Kowloon Walled City album ('Grievances', the CD will be released by Neurot) and Krallice's 'Ygg huur'. Good good.

link: www.gileadmedia.net

Longings 12" on the way

added by Alex Deller on Sunday August 23 2015 in New Releases

The debut 12" from gloomy post-punkers Longings is on the way. The record will be released by Echo Canyon in Europe, while Stateside bods will be able to grab it from Framework. Check a track out via the Bandcamp link below.

link: echocanyonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/echo-023-longings-s-t