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Bardo Pond - 'Under The Pines'

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday January 17 2017 in New Releases

Bardo Pond have been a band for 26 years now. Christ. They have a new album on the way via Fire Records. It is called 'Under The Pines'. You can hear the first single from it (entitled 'Crossover') by clicking on the link below.

link: soundcloud.com/firerecords/bard-pond-crossover

Rank/Xerox tape and 12" pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday January 10 2017 in Pre-orders

S'been five years since that Rank/Xerox LP came out. Five years! Turns out they're still a band, and have a new 12" (entitled 'm.y.t.h.') on the way. Adagio830 are now taking pre-orders for this, along with a cassette featuring their 7" and the stuff from their split tape with Grass Widow.

link: adagio830-records.bandcamp.com

Career Suicide and Sheer Mag pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Friday January 6 2017 in Pre-orders

Static Shock are taking pre-orders for two new releases: Career Suicide's long-awaited 'Machine Response' LP and an LP compiling the songs from Sheer Mag's three brilliant 7"s. A good start to the year, right?

link: staticshockrecords.blogspot.co.uk

New single from Channels on the way

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday January 4 2017 in New Releases

Remember Channels? Maybe not. They're a three-piece post-hardcore band featuring Janet Morgan, J. Robbins and Darren Zentek who were last seen back in 2006 with an album called 'Waiting For The Next End Of The World' for Dischord (subsequently reissued on vinyl by Arctic Rodeo). Anyway, they have a new two-song digital single out on 20 January via Dischord. Here's what is said about it: "The two songs on this single are the first two songs written and fully arranged by the newly re-energized Channels, and they both were born in jams; the result of going into the basement with just the beginnings of a bassline, everyone listening and pitching in, and coming out with something more than any individual one of them could have created alone. The lyrics are a reaction to the upending of the world order at the time of the songs' birth. 'Airstrip One' is a meditation on Brexit, xenophobia and the manipulation of nationalistic fears in the face of an uncertain future. 'Backpfeifengesicht,' a musical voodoo-doll of the President-elect on the eve of his victory, takes its title from a German compound word whose various translations include 'a face in search of a lead pipe.'"

link: dischord.com

Ruined Families - 'Education' LP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday January 4 2017 in New Releases

The new LP from Ruined Families, entitled 'Education', is out now via Adagio830. The label says: "Formed in 2010, Ruined Families is a hardcore punk band based in Athens, Greece. Following two acclaimed LPs and a 7", their new release is called 'Education' and features 10 songs spanning just over 17 minutes. Drawing elements from their previous work, 'Education' touches on 90s screamo, fast hardcore and post-punk. Unavoidably marked by the lasting turbulence of the Greek condition, Ruined Families attempt to make the most out of a precarious present by putting frustration into words that speak the mind of contemporary youth. Likely to appeal to fans of: Union of Uranus, Reversal of Man, Sonic Youth."

link: adagio830-records.bandcamp.com/album/education

Generacion Suicida tour

added by Alex Deller on Monday January 2 2017 in Gigs

LA punx Topic Generacion Suicida are on tour this side of the pond. Check out their new LP ('Sombras') via Drunken Sailor and check them out live here:

07/01 - New River Studios, London

08/01 - The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich

09/01 - Lughole, Sheffield

10/01 - Dublin

11/01 - Empty Shop, Durham

12/01 - Nice ’n’ Sleazys, Glasgow

13/01 - The Old Pint Pot, Manchester

14/01 - Oxford

link: drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

Two new Symphony Of Destruction releases

added by Alex Deller on Friday December 30 2016 in New Releases

Symphony Of Destruction have two new 7"s out: one from Singapore-based punx Lubricant and one from a band called Paradox, who are Atlantan d-beaters rather than the German thrashers of the same name.

link: symphonyofdestruction.org