Topic: life at these speeds

holy cow, i can't wait for these guys album. i'd heard a couple of mp3's but the version of 'say yes' on the owsla comp is ridiculously good.

(yes, i have the owsla comp - yahoo groups is broken so i can't tell you. anyone who asks me for a copy before they get an e-mail with the details will go to the back of the queue. the mail may not go out until sunday if i can't get it sent by 3pm this afternoon)

Re: life at these speeds

can you save me......erm...i mean,  are the songs exclusive to this release?  especially want to know about the shivering one......

Re: life at these speeds

wilderness medicine and reactionary 3 songs aren't, the rest are. both those are from demo's.

true feedback story song = the woah

if i run out, i will get more from stickfigure as they carry owsla...