Topic: kisses and hugs info

I came across this site

and it is an amazing discography of bands from lehigh valley pennsylvania.
Check out this discography for kisses and hugs

Kisses and Hugs/Half Man split 7" Mountain Records 1994
Kisses And Hugs "Air Conditioner Kills Cowboy" LP  Raw Sugar 2002
Kisses And Hugs 3 songs on V/A "First Last" CD  Chumpire 1996(?)
Kisses And Hugs 3 songs on V/A "Audio Terrorism" CS  Chaotic Noise 1993
Kisses and Hugs "Lesson 1,2,3" from the "Education Comp" lp Mountain 1995
Kisses and Hugs "Gas Fight" from the Woodpanel pacer wagon with mags" comp lp/7" Too Many Records 1996

there is also an interview, with pics!

Does anyone know about any other band called kisses and hugs? I have 3 mp3s on soulseek, no song titles or info, except that the band is called kisses and hugs. It sounds nothing like the spazzy PA band, it sounds more like Portrait getting tortured by i'robot , pretty intense. my soulseek name is meanogeno

im down with oop -yeah you know me