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spy Vs spy





(and would you believe us if we told you that we built a machine that'll bring all their fucking satellites the fuck down?)


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God-motherfucking-damn, i missed this whole thing! I hope Heimdall got mentioned somewhere,

i managed to have 3 extremely enjoyable goes on that before the fucking thing broke (as did most of my games). I was a true Amiga conoisseur - i had a HARD

DRIVE (finally making those Lucasfilm games and Beneath A Steel Sky playable) and an ACCELERATOR (which made Wing Commander playable, oh man i loved that

game). I had the Flights Of Fantasy pack which came with F29 Retaliator (not that great, the plane never even existed), Escape from the Planet of the Robot

Monsters (good laugh) and Rainbow Islands (more addicitive than Heroin). so up yours.


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I used to have an Atari 800 too.

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Off the top of my head one game noone has mentioned is Wings. I loved that game so much!

Definately my favourite game.

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pffft, kids these days

1 year younger than you. Less of the kid thanks. wink

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Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker.

What was that Team 17 pool game called? Arcade


Team 17... fuckin' PROJECT X, mate! The end-of-level bosses were fuckin' bonkers.

End-of-level guardians... WALKER! Right-to-left

scrolling game where you could kill hundreds upon hundreds of people, and watch their fucking bodies explode into clouds of claret

using gay to describe some novelty christmas cards is just so fucking ignorant

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looks like this thread lost a few posts sad


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Little bit of a long-shot, but i just found a shedload of old Amiga magazines if anyone wants them. Loads of CU Amiga (for the discerning Amiga user) - about 20 or so from 1991-92, and a few other random ones.

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The Amiga ruled...

My favorite games were...

Speedball 2 - Perhaps the best game ever
Sensible Soccer
The Chaos Engine

IX - Idiots whove watched too much Dune and who like to play slow.


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james pond II: codename robocod

all dizzy the egg games

international karate + (used enter the dragon sound effects)

Zool (sponsered by chupa chups lollies)

monkey island 1 and 2

...those were the fucking days man


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Ha ha i'd forgotten Zool was sponsered by Chupa Chups lollies. It's coming back to me now though! Everything was made out of chocolate and there were lollies sticking out of it.

Wasn't on the amiga but that Cool Spot game (7UP) on the gameboy drove me mental. It was isometric and so hard to tell where anything was.


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Cool Spot was on the Amiga as well i think..

If anyone has an Xbox, both SWOS and Speedball 2 are begin released on the arcade over the next couple of months, and Speedball 2 is getting a PC remake.

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that looks pretty solid.

do you have to have xbox live to get hold of the arcade stuff? SWOS on xbox? i think i might have just made my mind up on what console to get for my birthday.


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Yeah, i'd imagine you can get them on a silver (ie. free) Live account. The games are fairly pricey though! I reckon they'll be about £6.50 each. I think the top price can be as much a tenner. They just released the original prince of persia with updated gfx. Its a great remake, even down to the fiddly controls! I love xbox live.

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that sounds alright to me. didn't realise there was a free live account, sweet!

wow, prince of persia!

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ah man, i am inches away from getting SWOS 96/97 working on my original xbox!

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Oh man:

"100 Amiga Games In 10 Minutes"!