Topic: Stuck on a Name studios in Nottingham has been robbed.

"       Basically, at some point after 12:30 today, somebody entered our studio while Spirytus were recording and stole the contents of our cashbox. There was over £400 in there in total. Normally we wouldn't have anything like that much on the premises but all the rent owed to us was paid more or less at once.

We're reckoning that it was more than likely another band that practices within Roden House, likely from down on the 1st floor judging by the way they left (the cashbox was found dumped in a toilet bin by the main stairwell).

If ANYONE hears ANYTHING about this then PLEASE get in touch with us. If this was another band then they need NAMING and SHAMING if not fucking arresting and jailing! People like this are scum, and if anyone is heard bragging then we want to know.

Thanks to everyone so far who has reposted this and I am seriously pissed off."

seriously if you hear anything, let boulty of another local you might know, know.