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Just heard this band, anyone know if they did any other stuff besides the two 7"'s? Sprinkler is such an amazing song.

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there's a couple of lps but the band got progressively less emo. so it depends on what 'era' of the band you are into. the first one (GO KID GO) is emo. there is a demo tape as well, that is ok.

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this was always a band i didn't 'get' - had the LP on GASR but think i sold it on.....

Major Wants : To The Point "mentally checked out' 7"
the Death Dust Extractor 12" & Crisis 7"s at punk prices...
and I do a weird record label

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Band rules.

They had three LPs. The second one, "Building In A And E" on File13 is my favorite. The production on that album is incredible. The recorded it with a guy named Scientist who is a dub guy and they crafted a really unique sounding record. The last LP (s/t) has some great songs, but the weak production almost kills it.

If you like Franklin, check out Ralph's post-Franklin band, Jai Alai Savant.

This needs some work in terms of completing the discography, but it can give you a start to chek out the other bands these dudes have done - … andId=9843