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Hi there. It's nice to be a part of the forums, and hopefully I'll be posting on here more often, but seeing as I myself am an artist it seemed like the logical step to introduce myself and share a little bit about myself to begin with.

My name's Gregk Foley, I live in Horsham, Sussex. Down near Brighton (oh right!). I started doing the whole acoustic thing around this time last year after a bit of encouragement from mates and I haven't really looked back since. In February of this year I recorded and self-released my first 8 track EP, Hollow Lane. I got a great response and managed to build a bit of a name for myself around the local area etc. and have just finished recording my second EP, Troubled Bones. It's got 4 tracks and is a step forward from my earlier stuff, and I'm already really excited with the feedback I'm getting from people.

Anyway, I've actually put this EP up on my MySpace and it's available to download for absolutely nothing. The tracks are 320k mp3 so it's no shoddy quality and I just want to try and get myself a little bit better known on a wider scale and see if people really do like my stuff.

My main influences come from all the Kinsella bands (especially Owen, Cap'n Jazz & The One Up Downstairs) but obviously these influences are often subtle and sparse. I'm also heavy into bands like Algernon Cadwallader, This Town Needs Guns, Tubelord and the like and I try and incorporate some of the characteristics of their sound into it all as well. So there you go, that's a (very vague) idea of the kind of sound I'm going for and what I'm gonna be working towards over the coming months.

So if you'd like to visit my MySpace please visit
And if you like what you hear and would like to download a copy of my new EP, please just click the image below. I really hope you enjoy it.

Thanks a lot for all of your time. Take it easy.

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Re: Gregk Foley - Acoustic - Free Download EP

Video of myself playing one of my older songs, check it out if you want.

And here's what some other people have said so far...

"I've just given a listen to your EP Gregk, incredible!"
"This is the fucking TITS"
"I had a listen to this last night and was really impressed, its well recorded, the guitars sound bright and airy, your voice is excellent - and the overall production is superb!"
"Wow, you are seriously good. I love this stuff"
"totally blown away, really nice, beautifully played. lyrics make you a cut above sir."
"brilliant stuff man! A home on my ipod shall be made for it"

"...his songwriting is beyond his young years, the lyric content is there, relationships, life, loneliness, being optimistic and pessimistic in the same verse..."

"His performance is a blend of raw talent and banter that could only be described as genius... he has penned some great songs in the modern idiom and has an awesome voice which can range from soft delivery to full on intensity..."