Topic: Bassist Wanted in Nottingham

Bassist Wanted in Nottingham for band playing epic/progressive crusty metallic hardcore a la Cursed/Tragedy/HHIG/Converge/Perth Express/Hope Conspiracy etc. Maybe a bit of black metal in the mix too.

You must have:
- Gig experience
- Own gear (at least a bass amp head, ideally a cab too)
- Availability for weekend out of town gigging
- Desire to be AWESOME!!!

Own transport is a big bonus but not essential.

Also we're not after anyone who is already in another band as things get too complicated.

We're planning to do at least one release in 2010 as well as gig fairly regularly in the UK and possibly do some gigs in Europe.

Anyone interested please email direct to bazzathespaz at hotmail dot com.


Re: Bassist Wanted in Nottingham

We've got Phil from Blood Divided/Stuck On A Name Studio in on bass now and it's sounding heavy as fucking hell.

Gigs/MySpace/5 or 6 track EP coming late April/early May.

Gonna be proper off the 'ook I tell thee.

Re: Bassist Wanted in Nottingham

sounds good stuff Baz!

Re: Bassist Wanted in Nottingham

Cheers Dan! Check oot the demmoez..

More info here … ml#p628320