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Any info on this band? They did an awesome track on the This Is Boston.. comp called "Slam." Did they release anything else other than that ONE song?

P.S. Anyone noticed that the vocalist sounds EXACTLY like Night And The City?

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i think they did a 4-song demo (of which 'slam' went onto this is boston..)

i think they are pre- DYS, with a slapshot connection maybe?

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Yeah Jon Anastas who played bass in DYS & 'Back On The Map'-era SLAPSHOT was in them.

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is there anywhere I can hear this Demo?

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Related, the full Groinoids session was released as a 5 song 7" a couple of years ago. Absolutely fucking class.

I've uploaded it here along with two mid 80s period jamming sorta style live tracks :

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Also, if you haven't already, check out The Sickness.

Formed '79. Pre Groinoids, Kilslug, etc. Great plodding dirge punk. Only released one brilliant 2 song 7" but have a load of unreleased recordings (studio and live) that I'd release myself if I had the money.

Here :

'Corpsemonger' b/w 'Regurgatation' were the 7". All of the other tracks are unreleased and were only made public for the first time on that page.