Topic: C-Squat - NYC - Does anybody have any contact details?

Does anybody have any contact details for anyone at the C-Squat in New York City? Preferably an email address!

I currently work for an independent publishing house in London called Black Dog Publishing. We specialise in illustrated non-fiction books in art, design, and photography.

At the moment, I am working on a book called "Alphabets: A Miscellany of Letters". It is a visual journey, which relates the Western alphabet to art and contemporary culture.

I would be interested in using some photographs of the venue and its history. It is understandably ideal subject matter for the book: being called C-Squat, and located on Avenue C in Alphabet City, New York. I think it would be really cool to feature the squat in the book!

So if anybody knows the email or phone number of anybody at C-Squat, please give me a shout! Or alternatively if you have any pictures of the venue yourself and you would be happy to give us permission to use them, that would be fantastic too.

Please either respond to the thread, or email me: preferably at- [email protected], or alternatively you can reach me at- [email protected]



Check out our company's website too at-

Re: C-Squat - NYC - Does anybody have any contact details?