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Anybody into these guys? Saw them tonight and thought it was really amazing. Ambient, experimental stuff with jazz elements. Really good performers.

Don't really know anything about these guys or what kind of other bands they get grouped with. I like these, so, anyone got any other recommendations for similar shit?



Re: The Necks

fuck - haven't heard them in ages!

i'd go see them back home and they'd play to an audience of faces i'd see at rock shows. for me they have more in common with krautrock, or minimal composition such as riley or giya kancheli or drug fucked miles davis but pared down, than any current jazz i've heard (though i don't hear much i gotta say). in other words - i don't think they have a scene.

from previous posts there's some very serious jazz guys around here so i'm sure they'll be aroun dto correct me.

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Re: The Necks

The Chris Abrahams (piano in The Necks) solo record that's just come out on Room 40 is really really good. … ck079t7vg4 … play-scar/