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Wasn't sure where to post this blatant self promotion but it's for a good cause.

D.I.Y Independently made music video for the song 'Black Rain' by UK Heavy Rock band Taint.

Hope you all enjoy!

Let me know what you think!

Favorite music videos ever? Discuss!

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Cool band, cool vid, cool riffs, cool hair.

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I'm not as familiar with Taint as I think I should be, that was excellent.

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Aye, what Kunal said. Plus they're on Tour this week, go see 'em.

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After 16 years, Taint are calling it quits! Here's the statement:

Taint wrote:

Hi All,

Some Taint news for you.

As the three of us prepare to move in to new phases of our lives, we've agreed that carrying Taint with us would cease to work any longer. So, with love and respect for each other as long-time brothers in this band, we're bowing out. We are proud to walk away, knowing that without compromise Taint has stood as the best and most unique band that the three of us could make it be.

We'd like to thank our ex-members Darren Mason and Stophe Thomas, all of our fans for their support, and all our friends old and new who've helped us along the way. We know who you are, and we love you.

To sign off, we're playing our last two shows in South Wales this autumn/winter:

Oct. 3rd
Taint curates Oxjam in Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. Joined by a stellar lineup of Wales' finest bands: Shaped By Fate, The Death Of Her Money, Sigiriya and Zonderhoof.
This is a charity event for Oxfam International.

Dec. 18th
Taint plus Sigiriya, The Groundnuts And Independents and 33. At Sin City, Swansea.

We'll have a new batch of 'Heart Roots' t-shirts for sale at these shows, and for any future mail order inquiries. We'll continue checking in on our Myspace, website and Twitter to add any future Taint related news and activities.

For now however, eternal love and gratitude.

Al, Chris and Jimbob.
Taint, 1994 - 2010.