Topic: One Beat: Best of 2010 feat. Talons, RunWalk, Lafaro + More **FREE**

One Beat is proud to announce it's first annual compilation, available for free download to all. Featuring some of our favourite music from 2010, the 17 track compilation features the likes of Talons, LaFaro, Mimas, run, WALK! and many more amazing bands.

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01 // Bars of Gold - Boss Level

Taken from Of Gold (Friction Records)

Fans of Bear vs Shark don't want to miss Bars Of Gold, who have come up trumps with their debut album. Boss Level is a fun little number, which will get stuck in your head for days. Playful math-rock is teamed up with beautiful violins and a vocalist with his tongue firmly in cheek. Now in it's second pressing, you can buy the record here.

02 // The Cast of Cheers - Goose

Taken from Chariot (Self-released)

The Cast Of Cheers made Chariot available for free download earlier on this year, and it has helped us get our groove on ever since. Goose is the opening track which sets the pace for half an hour of glitchy math-rock designed to get those hips a swinging, and those feet a tapping. The Irish really led the way in 2010!

03 // Talons - Peter Pan

Taken from Hollow Realm (Big Scary Monsters / Topshelf Records)

One Beat favourites Talons have been dazzling audiences with their epic brand of doom-laden post-rock for some time now, and after numerous singles and free downloads, a full-length is now available. It's our album of the year, so we couldn't miss an opportunity to include these boys on the compilation. Vinyl lovers can take a pick of presses here, whilst you conventional CD loving lot should head here.

04 // Wot Gorilla? - Fear of Flying

Taken from New Arrival EP (Idle Hands Club)

The latest purveyors of noodly math rhythms, Wot Gorilla? have unleashed a more mature sound on their latest EP, available with some lovely packaging via Idle Hands Club. The genre may be over saturated, but these Northerners do stand out from the crowd. The band are a bit Marmite, in the sense that you're either going to love them or hate them - but here at One Beat we have the love, and we think you should too.

05 // LaFaro - Tuppeny Nudger

Taken from LaFaro (Smalltown America)

These Irish upstarts have had an incredible year, racking up support slots with ASIWYFA, Helmet and Therapy? as well as heading out on their own a few times. You've probably heard this track doing the rounds on Radio One already, and it is a great representation of their stunning, riff-fuelled debut album which they released earlier this year - get on it now goddamnit!

06 // run, WALK! - Trees Are Raw

Taken from I Hope This All Works Out So I Can Stop Stepping On Even Amounts Of Manholes In The Street (Holy Roar)

Discordant two-piece run, WALK! are an incredibly underrated band. Their album, from which Trees Are Raw has been taken from, received much critical claim when it was released back in March, and they've since unleashed an instrumental EP (now sold out) and a free download-only EP. If you like what you hear, make sure you check them out live, as they will blow your ears off.

7 // Stegosaur - A Headache

Taken from Adventure 7" (Seafoam Recordings)

This short burst of angsty pop reminds me a little of Desaparecidos in places, and this is certainly a good thing. The 7" from which A Headache is taken displays more sides of this American quartet's personality - from twinkly indie-rock to lo-fi exercises in soaring pop. You should definitely investigate this band further.

8 // Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea - Like Mice In The Cellar

Taken from I Watched It From The Roadside (Smalltown America)

Clocking up two EP releases in one year, Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea should hopefully already be on your radar. If not, you're sure to love this track - which appears on their latest EP, and it can be bought here. Their first EP can be downloaded here free.

9 // mojoFURY - Lemon Marine

Taken from the forthcoming album Visiting Hours Of A Traveling Circus

And So I Watch You From Afar took these lads across the UK in November, and rightly so as they're fucking ace! Lemon Marine will be part of their debut album Visiting Hours Of A Traveling Circus, due to drop in 2011. The band marry big soundscapes with grungy post-hardcore for a sound that is bound to set some hearts alight next year. Check them out.

10 // Alright The Captain - Rostov Could Get It

Taken from their forthcoming album due in 2011 (Field Records)

Rostov Could Get It is a sneak preview of Alright The Captain's forthcoming debut record due for release in the new year. They've stepped up their game, and I'd bet 2011 will be a great year for this math-prog trio. To satiate your needs in the meantime, they've made last year's 123 EP available for free download here.

11 // Shield Your Eyes - Too Little Has Been Too Good For The Soul

Taken from Theme From Kindness (Function Records)

No, you don't need to adjust your hearing aid, Shield Your Eyes are just a challenging band, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions when it comes to song-writing. If this soulful number from their third album gets your taste buds going, then check out the record in full. We'd recommend the vinyl, but it's available on CD and download too.

12 // Wooderson - Mendonca

Taken from EP (Self-released)

Wooderson are another band taking matters into their own hands. After a selection of releases on Audacious Art Experiment, they decided to make their latest EP available for download on a name-your-price basis via their bandcamp page. Drenched in Fugazi-esque raw post-hardcore goodness, this track shows just how underrated Wooderson are.

13 // Kytes - Oh, Don Piano!

Taken from their forthcoming EP

Kytes impressed One Beat with their two-track demo some months ago, and we've been awaiting the release of their debut EP ever since. Oh, Don Piano! is a cut from this, and if this is anything to go by, the EP will be silly amounts of good. An eye should be firmly kept on these math-rockers.

14 // Everyone Everywhere - Raw Bar OBX 2002

Taken from Everyone Everywhere (Tiny Engines)

2010 enjoyed a renaissance of alternative emo, a throwback to the glory days of the mid-nineties. Everyone Everywhere were amongst the bands leading the comeback, with an album steeped in nostalgia but also making a solid foundation for the band to forge their own path. Vinyl lovers can get excited about this release here.

15 // Mimas - La Moustache

Taken from Lifejackets (Big Scary Monsters)

It's been a while since Mimas released their debut, and this, their sophomore record, has lived up to expectations and more. Front-man Snaevar Albertsson has a knack of making mundane subjects sound so incredibly beautiful, with the help of his friends who provide a wonderful backdrop of intelligent math rhythms and grand soundscapes. Fancy hearing more? You can pick Lifejackets up here.

16 // Bayonets - The Joke And The Damage Done

Taken from Bayonets (Self-released)

This Hereford quartet called it a day several months ahead of the release of their eponymous second album. It sold out on pre-orders alone, and is now available to download on a name-your-price basis here. Check it out if you like Brand New or Manchester Orchestra. Bayonets are intense, intelligent, and will be sadly missed. And whilst your at it, their debut EP is also available here.

17 // Hymns - Honesty

Demo (Self-released)

After his shock exit from Blakfish earlier in the year, Sam Manville has popped his finger into various musical pies. Hymns is one of them. Joined by drummer Pete Reisner, this two piece have been decidedly low-key since their formation. The good news is there's an album on the way, and no doubt some live dates too in 2011. Keep up to date with them here.

If you fancy checking the compilation out in full, you can download it, complete with artwork here. If you like what you hear, please check the bands out in full, as they all deserve further investigation.

Merry Christmas!

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