Topic: Guitarist sought for punkness (Scotia)

Hey folks

The band I'm playing with have just lost a guitar player so we're looking for a replacement. We're based in South-East Fife (across from Edinburgh) and practice in Kirkcaldy (Dysart). Practises are cheap (£2-3 each per session, no time limits) and we also have access to cheap recording gear and a willing engineer (it's a modern desk that operates in an old style fashion).

Looking for someone who's a decent rhythm player and who'll fit in with the rest of us. Own gear isn't essential but slightly preferred (one of our amps is a cheap thing that sounds ok but the head can be temperamental).

You can check out the general vibe from our facebook page - - if you're interested I can send you some early 'pre-mix' versions of most of our material. After that there's only one more song and a couple of covers to learn.

Hopefully, whoever comes in will be able to learn by ear to an extent, as one of the reasons we got rid of the last bloke was the amount of time it took him to learn songs, even really easy ones.

The age range of the current guys is about 21-44 or something so that's not so much an issue. We won't be 'making it' either - it's music first. Busy touring is out because one of the guys is carrying a permanent injury so he wouldn't be able to play night after night though we're looking to do more city gigs this year and get a bit further afield.

Feel free to get in touch and inquire through p.m. if you're interested or would like to ask any questions

Cheers for reading smile