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Topic: Electronic Music

I really love this at the moment, it's The Caretaker's reworking of that Al Bowlly song from The Shining, and it makes me feel like i'm wandering around a haunted ocean liner, or playing Bioshock:


Also really loving La Barca by Thomas Koner, warm twinkly drones with ghostly samples of people talking. Good stuff.

The newest BJ Nilsen album on Touch is great as well.

What are you liking?

Re: Electronic Music

the newest eleh record on touch is amazing, need to check out that new bjnilsen

Re: Electronic Music

tanning the lastest tim hecker, koen holtkampand the gas boxset (thanks ben) recently

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Re: Electronic Music

I like this Future Shuttle demo:


Spacey shit.

Also the Raime 12" from the tail end of last year. Demdike Stare similar etc...

What else is good?

Re: Electronic Music

new tim hecker? that leaked already?

the good stuff house record is really good - scott tuma and zelienople. the second track is huge. en - the absent coast is really nice. a little sotl / a little tim hecker. still digesting the twells and christensen record, but it sounds great. picked up the rene hell tape (Lucifer pt. II) - not completely sold but i've only listened to it a few times. perhaps slightly different, but i'm enjoying teams quite a lot - http://teeeams.bandcamp.com/album/we-ha … everything - nude tilt is great.

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ame - fact mix.  kinda out there and not very dancey, very good listening though.

gatekeeper - gaza.  hipster art school wannabe type toss, very very good though.

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roberto wrote:

gas boxset

pop is my favourite i think.

kinda on a similar tip but less fuzzy, been on the pole one quite a bit recently as well.

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Re: Electronic Music

I think that Tim Hecker being referred to was an old one but you can listen to a track from Ravedeath here and it sounds amazing:

http://www.self-titledmag.com/home/2011 … f-music-i/

Agreed on Giza by Gatekeeper, the drop in Chains is awesome. If anyone's bothered by redundant expensive formats you can get it on VHS: http://merok.bigcartel.com/product/gate … ter-bundle I'll stick to the LP

Oh and the Alah Howarth podcast for Resident Advisor last year was amazing. It's not available anymore but I can reup it if anyone's interested.

Who's excited for new Villalobos this year?

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pop 4 is one of my favourite things!

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Re: Electronic Music

AlexN wrote:

I think that Tim Hecker being referred to was an old one

yeah my post was from april last year!!! (and refers to an imaginary country)

and re: gas - yeah pop is immense

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Re: Electronic Music

does anyone have any idea how hard/easy it is to get hold of recordings on moteer records? i've heard bits from el fog, clickits etc and trying to find a copy of the album either physically or even a pesky download! i'm failing at finding owt more than he odd track online.. elusive but i wanna hear more. especially "express gifts" by clickts

i'm loving taylor deupree's shoals. usually hit up that on my third cup of tea at around 9am at work. rediscovered xela's for frosty mornings and autehre's peel sessions

errrr lukid's chord and blind spot releases are ridiculous. also been enjoying mark fell's multi stability and finally got to hear ANBB (alva noto and blixar bargeld) for the first time tonight.

Re: Electronic Music

stability is really good but I need to be in quite a specific mood to listen to it.

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Re: Electronic Music

I see the Demdike Stare - Tryptych 3CD is out now...

Also I gather Actress is releasing a record soon on Werk and is remixing a Panda Bear track for Kompakt if his twitter is to be believed.

Re: Electronic Music

Anyone else going to Bleed in London in Feb for Demdike Stare, John Roberts and Raime. Getting my tickets tomorrow. Demdike Stare are good live so it should be great.

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Everyone should check out the new Xander Harris album, Urban Gothic on Not Not Fun. If you like horror film soundtracks/great synths you'll LOVE it.

Also just to be a knob, but Actress played a totally glitched out version of Maze on Friday night at the end of his set that was fucking amazing. So was Omar S ha ha

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the new moritz von oswald, new to me anyway, just picked it up, is siq.

Re: Electronic Music

the Moritz Von Oswald Trio one - Horizontal Structures? love it.

new James Pants is nice.

Re: Electronic Music

Yeah that new MVOT is great!

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i love the sounds they make (most important thing). plus i also love the fact that (i think) they are genuinely pushing musical boundaries and creating something 'new'. caveat: there's nothing 'wrong' with 'old' music done well. i love it.

however, fusing 'live/instrumental/real band' stuff with pure electronic stuff has been some kind of music alchemy holy grail since the 90s (when no end of terrible things came out of the search for it).

somehow Moritz Von Oswald Trio have managed to crack it.

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how quick are hardwax with shipping? thinking of using them this time around instead of boomkat

Re: Electronic Music

we should move this to GENRE's

just did a hard wax order

all basic channel gear, lolz

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A friend i used to work with just got in touch to tell me hes been making music again.

Totally into it. Had no idea he was into this stuff while we worked together.

if youre into john Carpenter soundtracks,synths,zombi,repeated viewing, lo fi electronics etc etc

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Re: Electronic Music

http://soundcloud.com/nofearofpop-net/m … r-clark-mr

some dude from emeralds and some other dude. kind of want to hear more stuff before plunking down 15 bones for it mind you.

Re: Electronic Music

Andy Malcolm wrote:

http://soundcloud.com/nofearofpop-net/m … r-clark-mr

some dude from emeralds and some other dude. kind of want to hear more stuff before plunking down 15 bones for it mind you.

I'm listening to it this morning. It has proper classic-rock-shred impulses...its lots of fun, actually!

Re: Electronic Music

Pye Corner Audio: Black Mill Tapes Vol.3

Vol.1 was excellent, Vol.2 not so, Vol.3 is working it's magic.

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