Topic: Drummer and bassist wanted for London hardcore/screamo band

We are 3 experienced musicians, age 26-28 who have a lot of band and song writing experience. We are looking to start something new in London, having played in a hardcore/screamo/diy band up north for the last 5 years, and we need to find an experienced drummer and a bassist to help us.

Influences include:
Defeater, Have Heart, Modern Life is War, Pianos Become the Teeth, Envy, La Dispute.

Both need to have good band experience and be able to pick up ideas quickly and really understand the kind of music we are playing. Having said that, attitude is just as important to us. Will need to have a way of practicing outside of the band so time isn't wasted in a rehearsal room. We plan to build a set and start gigging quickly and just get out there and play shows.

This is going to be a new band so we have no music that we've written specifically for this, but you can go check out an old project here:
It's not really what we are going to be playing, but it gives some kind of idea.

Please email [email protected] if you're interested or to ask us for more info. Cheers

Re: Drummer and bassist wanted for London hardcore/screamo band

We have a few interested bassists now but still looking for a drummer. Nobody in the whole of london want to play drums in a melodic hardcore/screamo band? Anyone know someone who might be ineterested? Any help would be appreciated. Desperate to be playing as soon as possible. Cheers