Topic: Looking for a guitarist Leicester

Yo yo. So we're after a guitarist. We have full set up ready to go and 5 songs being finalised right now. We have the opportunity to play loads of shows from now but we really want to play fully ready with another guitarist whose had bags of input from the get go.

Sounds like: Shook Ones and Champion having a fight with Polar Bear Club (that's a wild stab in the dark but if you like any of those bands you get the idea) super fast jangly melodic hardcore/punk i guess.

We're looking for someone who's 20+, has own 'decent' gear, transport and some gigging experience.

If anyone fancies it drop me a line. We practice at Stayfree in Leicester and Rewind in Hinckley once a week or more.

We're all about 24 and have loads of experience. get in touch via [email protected]

hope you're all good. smile