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Now then. Just a quick note to say that Wooderson have two new tracks which you can download for free, or donate a bit of money if you're feeling charitable.

They where recorded a few weeks ago live in our practice space, by Karl Sveinsson on his lovely Tascam TSR8.

You might enjoy if you like bands such as Sonic Youth, Mission of Burma, Fugazi, Gang of Four, ...Trail of Dead.

We should be recording again pretty soon, for a few singles and an album but until then, enjoy this here demo! If you want to get in touch, for any reason (offer us a gig, COUGHreleasearecordforusCOUGH) give us a shout at [email protected]

We have a few gigs coming up....
21st May-CADS Artspace, Sheffield. Alldayer w/ B>E>A>K, Diet Pills, Satellites of Love+Loads more
28th May-The Earl, Sheffield. Alldayer w/ Well Wisher, Bedford Falls,Arms Aloft+Loads more
30th May- The Washington, Sheffield. w/Death Rays of Ardillia
11th June- Temple Works, Leeds. Alldayer w/ Sauna Youth, Crash of Rhinos, Sauna Youth+Loads more
23rd July, Duck and drake, Leeds. w/Crash of Rhinos

Ta very much. x

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Cheeky bump.

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Giving this one last bump before letting it fade into the abyss of C-zine.

We're sorting the final mix for a new track we recorded a few weeks back tonight, not sure what we're doing with it yet. And then we should be recording an album within the next few months.

Got a few gigs in July...
22nd July, The Red House, Sheffield-Tramlines Festival w/ Bilge Pump, CLECKHUDDERSFAX, Runners, Bhurgeist.
23rd July, Fox and Newt, Leeds. w/Crash of Rhinos, Cauls, Crushing Blows.
29th July, Polish Club, Bradford-Grand Obscene Baby Auction w/ Hot Club De Paris, Hookworms.

Like us on here, if thats your thaang.

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I appreciate the updates so keep it up!