Topic: Non-venues in London, UK.

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with putting on shows in unconventional spaces in London.

I have had far more memorable experiences, both as a musician and as a punter, in atypiclal venues. Although I have put on shows in the past, they have always in traditional music venues or bars. I would like to start putting on shows in spaces that do not serve alcohol, but that would allow BYOB.

Does anyone have any advice, recommendations or experiences that they would like to share?

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If you speak to 'bry' on here, send her a PM or something, she knows all about this stuff.

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i went to a show at the tin tabernacle in kilburn a while back. thought it would be a great space for someone to put a couple of noisy shows on. made a post about it, though unfortunately i don't think it was of much interest in the end! … -here.html

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I can tell you about some squat in South London and a squat in Soho that do shows. We had hc festivals in the South London venue before. You can mail me on [email protected] if youre interested in findnig out more.