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Topic: One bedroom available in Derby

Any of you punks looking for a place to live in Derby come september? I've just been completely fucked over by my supposed mate who has pulled out last minute due to poor exam results and we need someone to live with us. It's a student property for £60pw with kitchen, living room, spare room (for music things and people staying over), garden and your own medium sized bedroom with enough room for instruments, record collections, computer, desk and bed (it's fully furnished) it's on spring street and it couldn't be closer to the take aways, bus station and the local pubs and shizz. hit me up if you're interested, or know anyone who might be. my punk life is over if I can't find a replacement. cheerz (hope this topic is in the right area, move if necessary)

Matt x

P.S. There is two of us already, willing to give two rooms up if you have someone else you wanna move in with, we're into hardcore, doom, sludge, metal, punk, fuzz rock, electronica (about 50% of the stuff that's posted on here at least) both 20 years old. email matthew.green341 at gmail dot com

safe x