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ahaha! the guy on the right looks a lot like christian, actually! (gawkrodger)

ex-girlfriend was besotted by sims1, i'm wondering whether to get her s2 for her birthday: is it much different / better?


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we got a new fridge. steve straight away went and

got something out of it and stuck it in the microwave. joe got something and prepared it. andy whined that everyone kept getting in the way. ralf picked up

the empty pizza box and dropped it in the middle of the front room, creating a pile of garbage too. jeez. there was a bin 2 feet away.

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oh ralf! what a crustie! needs to learn some manners!

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SHIT! joe's beans caught


i think ralf's meal had meat in it.

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so ralf called the fire brigade (i had to prompt him), everyone was freaking


the fireman came, and put the blaze out.

people looked at joe and thought about him. because joe had ignored his beans, everyone almost died.

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trauma! steve has a spazz and

ralf has to sit down and comprehend one of his worst fears. FIRE! he then bursts out laughing and andy and joe make those signs like to indicate ralf is

loopy. not a good sign.

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ok, well the dudes finally did some cleaning up, but it made them all stinky and want to use

the shower. ralf meanwhile just gets weirder and


not long after this, andy poured a

drink from joe's bar, then ate joe's burnt beans, but actually i just found it was macaroni and cheese. my bad.

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andy left his bowl on the floor because steve and nina were chatting it in front of the sink,

i think he made up to her. then joe had a shower and everyone went to bed. it had been an eventful


ralf though stayed up, sitting on his

bed, reading and pondering. andy badly needs a shower in the morning. and, you can just see him in the background, old mortimer is still there, sitting down.

what is he doing?

mortimer left at 1, and ralf went to sleep around the same time. the punks dreamed about each other, and steve even dreamed about

nina for a brief moment. oh my.

andy was first up at 6am, christ.

steve got up and cleaned up. ralf got up and was the only one who made his

bed. joe got up and his fears had all to changed to being rejected in friendship by ralf! ralf did that thing with the ball again.  :?

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steve then started cleaning the kitchen

in his boxers, whilst andy got obsessed with a paper aeroplane that he made out of the newspaper. started doing gun noises and shit.

i just found you

can put metal on the stereo and it's amazing, total riffs and gruff vocals. steve walked past shaking his fist to the music.

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the day went along fairly slowly. ralf started doing lots of weird stuff, i think he wants to

be an actor. either that or he is going completely insane. later he took the rubbish out in his pyjamas and chatted to this


well they must have got on pretty well

because she comes waltzing in the house and sits on the sofa, and promptly has a negi chat with steve.

oh yeah and we got some bills. somebody needs

to get a job.

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I want that game too.

I'm downloading the Torrent right now.. did you buy it or

download it??

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steve c has a job! he has become a golf caddy. too bad he has to get up at 4am tomorrow. and

joe has joined the army. then he went to sleep on the couch. and dreamed about...



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I don't know why, but I found this fascinating. Hahahaha!

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kunal struggles with the ladies. here you can see him panic when being offered a friendly hug by the buxom blonde, Dina.

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ah. ok, now i get it. the other lass in the house, marylena, is kunal's interest. it's past midnight and the K is stuck downstairs on his own with these 2 ladies whilst tone and dan snore upstairs.

kunal has been chatting with marylena, joking, and now tickling... whatever next!

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that girl looks way screamo

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man, tone has got up and he badly needs a whiz or something.

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Re: the sims 2 : the C


that guy on the right looks EXACTLY like my old maths teacher

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man! they have fucked up the bathroom bad.

kunal cooked breakfast for everyone. tone has quit the army and become a mailroom assistant, and wants to marry a rich sim.

tone just burped and dan stood behind him giggling. awesome stuff.

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NO WAY! tone just farted in dans face at the breakfast table. this is insane!

when dan finished he done a blow off too. then the phone rang. IT'S JOE! and he wants to talk to dan! but before dan gets to talk to joe, he has a bro sesh with tone. dudes.

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kunal's been fired from his science job because he ate the wrong coloured liquorice in an experiment. oh dear. a repairman is fixing the buggered up shower, and here's RALF!

just walking on by. tone comes out to greet him and plays some mean air guitar as they chat about music.

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they then proceed to the upstairs balcony to rock some chess

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i am sad to report that kunal died because he got stuck in a car and the game fucked up. arse. i might delete that house and start them again.

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joe throws a party. steve grills up some dawgs. we have $1.