Topic: Free Photie Shop CS2 anyone?

This came up on a photography forum I use, thought it might be of interest to some people on here as I seem to remember questions about free alternatives in the past:

"The internet was buzzing yesterday with the news that Adobe had put up Photoshop CS2 (and the rest CS2 as well) as a free download. There is a page on their site with download links and serial numbers, and I can confirm that the mac version of CS2 works on my old iBook running OS X 10.5. Users of newer macs (Lion and later) are out of luck as CS2 was never updated for the intel transition.

Reading around this a bit, it seems that they never really intended to release it for free, that the download links are simply for existing customers, and that they were put up because Adobe wanted to turn off the activation server for CS2. All of that is speculation, and of course there's no way of knowing how long the download links will remain up for.""

It does work, as a couple of the folk I ken on the site have downloaded it.

Re: Free Photie Shop CS2 anyone?

wow! Thanks a lot for posting this mate!

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