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Sorry if this has been covered recently, I did have a search but couldn't find much.
I'm looking to get some CDs pressed, has anyone used any decent and preferably cheap companies lately?
I'd prefer real CDs rather than CDRs and I don't need any packaging, just CDs with printed labels on a spindle.


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THIS! Anyone know anywhere???


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From what I know (which is not a huge amount), getting 500 CDs done costs basically the same as 1000.
If you want less than 500 usually it means replication which is a posh CDR I guess.

Aston who does Boss Tuneage works at Key Production who are very good.
Used Dual Plover in Australia once (for 500 CDs on spindles), they were wicked and cheap even with postage from there.

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Cheers, I'll give them a go.

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Avoid discwizards - they are cheap and i feel bad for not recommending them but the quality was just not up to snuff. That is if they are still going.