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Topic: Drummer wanted d-beat/crust/metal/punk LONDON

2 guitarrist/singers based in LONDON to form a 4 piece band are looking for a drummer with experience playing live, recording and touring, playing fast, loud and angry,
We have both been playing for 10 years touring and recording.
To practice at least 2 days/week in Central London.
We want to play as much as possible and record f*ck loads too!
Plenty of contacts to play around Europe.
We are writing songs, drummer would be part of the writing process.

You can listen to our previous bands here:

THE MARRIAGE: www.myspace.com/themarriagemusic
DESERT ICONS (ex-ictus): www.deserticonsgitanband.bandcamp.com
DELLAMORTE DELAMORE: www.myspace.com/dellamortedellamorehc
TRAGIC VISION: www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-DDfgG2Ib0 (full ep)
SOUND OF SILENCE: www.soundofsilencemetal.bandcamp.com/