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Hello all! This is my first post and I hope not the last one. I live in Argentina, in the south of Argentina (so we're pretty far from the big scene), I sing in a band called Los Más Peores we've just released an EP containing 5 songs and we're very close to record new songs but we thought it would be a great idea to ask around if there's any european/american band interested in sharing the album with us. We offer to promote and distribute your songs with our songs in the same album, we make the copies, we sell them with our merch in our gigs, etc. You know the biz. In exchange, it would be great if the other band does the same for us in your country/location.

What do we do? We do fast hardcore, pretty much in the same line as Los Crudos, MK Ultra, Charles Bronson, that's the music that we like to play, our lyrics are in spanish and talk about political/social things that happen in our country.

So, if there's any band interested in making this a reality, please contact me.
Hugs for all.


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Aw man. This could be amazing. You could have a Malvinas side and a Falklands side...

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Nice list of influences, wanna drop me an email at plaidspunk at gmail d0t com?