Topic: artwork & design for bands/promoters etc

i don't have any jobs on right now outside of my 9-5 so i'm looking for a few projects to sink my teeth into.

i've worked on pretty much every stage of producing t-shirts, records, posters, 'zines, buttons, badges, stickers etc etc for tonnes of bands including what price, wonderland?, human hands, bird calls, carson wells and much more. my work has been featured on the guardian website, on the football ramble,, run of play and in a few shops such as lmnop in brighton.

i have a website with lots of my work at

here's a few selected samples:

i also dabble in video editing as a hobby and would relish the opportunity to edit footage of bands if the opportunity ever came up, but with the caveat that i am a relative amateur, only having worked on gaming videos such as these:

if you'd like to talk about a potential project, email me: [email protected]

Re: artwork & design for bands/promoters etc

let me make your stuffs please