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Bandcamp every time. It's put together in a simple to navigate, pleasing way.

Re: bandcamp vs soundcloud

steerpike20 wrote:

Guess there may be some on here that sniff at the non-physical form of the medium full stop, but was mulling this over in my head earlier today - and be interested to know the thoughts of the czine demographic on these two seemingly competing 'DIY' download platforms

Bandcamp I get totally, and consume a hell of a lot of material this way. Piss simple navigation, seamless run through to paypal, funds evidently go straight to the artist personally with only, I guess, a levy by the administrators to keep the site going (as there is minimal if any advertising). What's not to love?

Really not sure about Soundcloud though.

Landing page (when I visited) featured scrolling professionally-shot vignettes of smugly cool hipsters posing in studio flats parading their immaculate ink-sleeves either alone or with their blatantly model pretty wives or girlfriends, while apparently listening casually to what we must only assume is equally cool alternative music.

Unfortunately there are some among us that may find this a little off-putting and instantly think of a rampaging mob torching these painfully cool studio flats and the smug hipster males being forcibly conscripted into the North Korean army. Or something like that.

I've yet to get through this wall of marketing and see whether the site is actually any good as a means of identifying and downloading good music though (which it probably is I am sure). It certainly appears to be a hell of a lot more commercial than bandcamp - so instinctively imagine I'm going to be paying more to the middle man than to the artist, and there will be barriers to the smaller players (particularly self-releasers) generally.

Nothing wrong with this, per se. Just the facts of economic life etc etc.

However, all this is conjecture on my part. Like I say - would really welcome any thoughts / observations / opinions here. Only got into Bandcamp this year so no idea of its actual provenance - apart from (simply) assuming that it is the DIY antithesis of the dark iTunes empire.

Also - are there any other good ones out there? Picked up a couple of Soundsupply mini-drops (thanks to this site) but know no more about them.


got a blog dedicated to diy music being available as flac -

Bandcamp is brilliant in my opinion. Buy tons of stuff on it -

Soundcloud is handy for streaming the odd song in advance. Sharing stuff as well. For an actual 'release' Bandcamp is far better.

Worth checking out Cash Music as well - - DIY folk who have made a bunch of tools for musicians to sell digital music without taking any cut like bandcamp. Downside, of course, is that you have to pay for hosting etc.

Personally, I'm happy to chuck £5 or £6 for an album digitally, about £2 or £3 for an EP and £1 or £2 for a demo digitally. Quite selective about what i want vinyl versions of. As for demos, unless you're a close friend, i really really don't want a tape or CDr.

Re: bandcamp vs soundcloud

Thanks all - bang on. Thank you.

Ewan - love the blogspot fella - not on superfast so downloading FLAC bit beyond my digital capacity at the moment but reckon that is the way to go long term. And yeah, had a peek at your bandcamp profile - you are indeed a prolific consumer smile

Also thanks for the pointer to the cash music site - magic words "not for profit", "open source"... what's not to love? Guess there may be some stability and trust issues with this sort of out-and-out DIY approach, but all power to their elbow. Any band currently using these tools in anger? Be curious to see how it works - and how easy to find their sites are etc.

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