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trying to fill out a couple of things i'm involved with at the moment with drums.

the first is a driving, loud-as-fuck Drive Like Jehu/Hoover type thing with lots of shifting tempos and whatnot. the guitarist and i were in a band sort of similar before i can link you to if that takes your fancy. we have 6 or 7 things written and actually had a drummer before but they went travelling so here we are!

the second is more of a hardcore/emo type thing in the vein of assfactor 4, dead friends, torches to rome, twelve hour turn, type deal, with super short, sort-of catchy,  detuned songs. this is with a mate who digs the same stuff and it's a little bit shoddy. but we also dig more progressive stuff like hoover, 90 day men et al but at the minute the plan is just to keep it high energy and loud, in the memory of the great Kirsch! only have loose guitar demos to hand at the moment as this type of stuff would really benefit from jamming, so pleeease do it?

let me know if either of them, take your fancy, or might peak the interest of a pal!

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the world always can do with this type of band so i hope this pans out!

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Added: 10-07-2013 19:42:29

wait a minute, where are you based?

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aw yeah, forgot that. London, although i'm in the south-west quite a bit, but London!

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seriously, someone play drums in this band so i can watch them.

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