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Topic: 90s Leeds/Bradford DIY Radio Show

Hi there,

I do a radio show called The Mirrored Hammer for BCB radio. The last episode I did played a lot of tracks from the 90s Leeds/Bradford DIY scene and can be streamed here:

http://www.mixcloud.com/andyabbott/the- … pisode-14/

Tracklisting is:

Bilge Pump – You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Blonde
(nny) – Orgasmatron
Vialka – Shitty Monkeys
Headache – Fok
Pleasant Valley Children – Flounder
Health Hazard - Die
Witchknot – Pianist Envy
John Holmes – Master Blaster
JR – Executive Decision
Hard To Swallow – Run With The Hunted
Canvas – Womb Plague
Solanki – Autonomy Song for Raj Sagoo
Baby Harp Seal – Untitled
Polaris – Stan Chi
Imbiss – Consequences
Month of Birthdays – Surficant
Spy Vs Spy – Waiting for Centralia
Voorhees - Nailbomb
Kito – Rings of Fear
Imbalance – Spouting Rhetoric

Re: 90s Leeds/Bradford DIY Radio Show

Brilliant, ta' Andy!