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I've got pretty small hands and want to find a guitar with a neck that i can easily play with. So not something really chunky and monstrous. Any tips?

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If you're thinking Fender/Squier, your better off with Mustangs and Jaguar because they have slightly thiner necks (I think) and faster action compared to Teles and Strats. And they're a bit cooler. Well I think so.

If you need something beefier you can't go wrong with Epiphone because they usually have smaller frets, less stretching for you etc. But they can be quite heavy and cumbersome depending on the model.

Most "metal" guitars designed for ridiculous widdly stuff have small necks to maximise speed, but sometimes they sacrifice a bit of tone - especially on the clean channel. So it's all about priorities. I'd have a look at a Mustang!

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Cool, never really had a strong opinion on jag types but ill look into em now. Cheers.

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There's tons of variation even between different versions of particular models. Your best bet is to try a guitar out and see what fits, although fendery types are probably a good place to start.
A lot depends on the neck profile as well as the width of the neck, metal guitars usually have wideish necks and a narrow profile, les pauls and sgs usually have a deeper (more chunky) neck profile.

If you try a few different guitars you should build idea of what suits you best.