Topic: Guitar pickups advice needed

got this guitar, one of those eastwood copies of the univox hi fliers, and the pickups are crummy. quite like the guitar but not the pickups.

i'd like to get some new pickups for it but it turns out i don't know anything much about pickups. baffled by a lot of the (blues lawyer?) terms used to describe certain pickups - "woody" for example. i have no idea what the fuck that means and i don't want to spend a hundred quid finding out.

all practical advice welcome. recommendations of where to buy reasonably priced pickups also welcome.


Re: Guitar pickups advice needed

Not sure how practical this is but I put a Bare Knuckle 'The Boss' in my Melody Maker SG and it sounds rather spiffing.

Re: Guitar pickups advice needed

thanks for the recommendation, i'll check it out