Topic: Band? London... hardcore.

Hey, I miss doing a band (was most recently in State Icons and Little Ease).

I play bass. I want to do something fast, hard and sweaty but hooky/poppy... mainly I wanna rip LandSpeedRecord era Husker Du. Guitar/vocal interplay, 2 bar guitar solos etc.

Anyone into it? I'm the wrong side of 30 but not given up on doing a 'good' band. I'm super busy but would be cool to play some shows, bash out some recordings.


Re: Band? London... hardcore.

I am up for some rubbish singing if you may happen to need one. I am the right side of 30 (if time was measured on a rusty ruler).

I like music.

Re: Band? London... hardcore.

I play the guitar and would be up for doing something. If it helps matters, I'm clinging onto the right side of 30 by the skin of my teeth.