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One of my favourite types of punk, especially as the records appear in the UK second hand all the time and there are tonnes of obscurities.

As well as the music there is obviously a strong aesthetic, whether it's the Crass thing or a reaction to it...

fave bands / records / artwork?

My fave Anarcho records are:

Icons of Filth - Onwards Christian Soldiers
Antisect - Peace is Better than a place in History
Flux of Pink Indians - Strive to Survive
Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma
Crass - Stations of the Crass
Alternative EP (not found the LP)
System - Dogs of War (as above)
Anthrax - Capitalism is Cannabalism

I've been recently getting into the Apostles

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even though they span far beyond just anarcho punk my favourite will always be the ex not just because they're incredible but because the whole story/idea/ethic behind the band is the purest expression of what i love about punk.

can't possibly talk about anarcho without posing this absolute rager also:


must have listened to this hundreds of times over by now, still gives me chills. perfection.

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I'm old enough to have brought and weened myself up on the UK anarcho scene of the early to mid eighties (too young to have caught Crass in their heyday) so all the usual suspects are still essential listening now and helped forge my political idealogies.

The band Six Minute War, who later became Fallout were always more of a standout however. Inspirationally DIY and politically fuelled but did all their own records rather than take the oft obligatory route of having a 7" released on Crass records.

Listen -

Read - … ords-1980/

GOLDEN CABINET gig collective
DIRTY APPARATUS record label

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had never heard six minute war before, this is great stuff. nice one!

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early Ex is some of the most "pure" punk you'll find

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While not exactly Anarcho Punk... don't rule out UNIT , the band Andy Martin has been in since the early 90s (previously known as Academy 23) Their latest album is available as Bandcamp only for just now due to limited funds (Andy Martin is broke after losing his job and struggling to even claim universal credit just now) so although the price may seem steep £8, it is a double album which took them over a year to record. You'll spot a few Apostles riffs and ideas recycled! "CD2" is avant garde orchestral recordings, so something for everyone.

All the songs can be previewed in mp3 quality on youtube, this one is a tribute to one his school chums...

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New Antisect album out via Rise Above in October.

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Fallout - salami tactics EP

Six Minute War  - All EPs

Conflict - pretty much everything. so angry it just jumps off the records

SubHumAns - EP / LP and Day the Country Died are superb. i don`t think they`re thought of like Crass as being clever and as well thought out but personally i think they managed to bridge a gap between the UK82 crowd and Crasstafarians quite amazingly.

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Null & Void are well worth a listen for fans of the Zounds / Mob type sound (also a bit like early Cure). The lyrics are more about alienation than explicitly anarcho.

also - Poison Girls

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this band / this song

Major Wants : To The Point "mentally checked out' 7"
the Death Dust Extractor 12" & Crisis 7"s at punk prices...
and I do a weird record label