Topic: Vocalist Wanted

Hi all,

Here is an opportunity for a cool vocalist,

We made a metal band, all guys playing in DIY scene for some years, the line up is me (Tim) on guitar, I play guitar in Krupskaya, Simon on drums (ex After The Last Sky / other bands) and Jim on bass (ex Grimpen Mire, who just split up RIP / After The Last Sky / other bands).

We have nearly 30 minutes of material written, it's not bad - we are playing METAL influenced from stuff we were into as kids in the 90's so a mix of death, thrash and black metal.  We are not trying to be flashy or clever or do anything ground breaking music wise, just play good fast and aggressive metal with old school atmosphere & some varied influences played our own way.

We are not trying to do real fringe stuff i,e, ultra brutal slam or raw super harsh nsbm, etc etc etc!  Just good tunes that could play most metal nights up and down the country and waste the local business metal bands.

Between us we have played a lot of gigs over the years, have a good sound & loud equipment and play to a competent level.

We just need a vocalist to complete line up.  Really we are looking in DIY grind / hardcore punk scene for someone who is into metal too... A lot of the local metal head types just don't get it...  We've tried a few out and I spoken to numerous people who are super interested when I show them us playing, but we want someone with some punk energy and a bit of attitude.

So far all try outs or those in touch have all been really cool people but just not right.  Live experience would really help - we need someone that can project their voice and knows the impact you need to make live...

NO phil anselmo clones, people that only listen to lamb of god etc, angsty nu metal types, no one that wants to do clean singing too, no one that wears massive baggy trousers with zips all over them etc etc etc...

Vocal wise any hard style vocals would fit from death metal grunts, thrashy rasp, black metal screams, rough shouty stuff - it couls all work with material, we would like someone who can do all of the above really, but the personality and attitude is really as important.

Age - well we are all into our 30's now, so around 30 really, but i guess 25-40 is cool too.

We practice in the West Midlands and ideally need someone who can travel to practice but for the right person we can probably make a longer distance arrangement work as long as said person is willing to make stuff happen.

It's a good opportunity for someone, it is hard to find people that are serious about playing let alone a fully assembled band...

So please if you know anyone let them know.

We don't have anything recorded - me and drummer just started writing tunes last year when we had free time and recently bass player joined so we are still learning the stuff with him.  We have videos recorded on iphone at practice to help us remember the tunes that we have been showing interested people.

Anyway enough chatting.

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or 07894033656 (text first I don't answer my phone)