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Looking to form fast hardcore/ punk band in Essex. Relatively new to area and nothing too serious... Can play drums or sing:

Influences ..Void, Black Flag, Los Crudos, Descendents, Poison Idea, Voorhees ... and all sorts. Get in touch if interested or please pass on to anyone that you think may be.

email: [email protected]

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hey man im very interested. Im based in colchester. I know someone to play guitar, currently playing in grindcore band "brainshit" we were looking for a drummer. possibly a three-piece? unless you know someone who can play bass?
let me know.

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Nice one mate...send me an email and we'll talk:

[email protected]

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I'm up for bass. Main influences are pretty much all the decent 80s U.S. Hardcore bands, minor threat, black flag etc

Own kit,own transport, and I'm not shit

Have emailed you

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Now we are only looking for a guitarist! Currently jamming in the Rayleigh area....if you fancy it or think you know someone that does, please get in touch.

Email: [email protected]

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i don't live in rayleigh anymore, but the fact that there is a hardcore band from there pleases me very much, hope you find someone.