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I want to buy fifty cassettes and put out a mate's demo. In terms of where the money/copies go, how does everyone split it? Is Tapeline decent in 2015 (I've only used Fairview in the past, who have been great but don't have the variety of shells, etc) and how is your experience with loading coloured paper/cardboard into a work printer? this thread, give me your cassette releasing advice

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tapeline is still pretty good - i've only bought tapes to dub myself from them and not used their duplication service so i can't comment on that vs fairview

the only thing letting tapeline down, in my opinion, is sometimes they're a bit rubbish at the ol' communication haha

in terms of a split in the past it's just been "how many copies do you think you'll sell at shows?!" and then given bands them at cost and that was that...

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i'd assume the standard 10-15% free to the band would apply to tapes as well (although if it's a low run you might want to sell them some more/give them some to sell on your behalf at cost)

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I've used tapeline for duplication a couple of times - both runs of 50 cassettes - and I've zero complaints other than the occasional communication problems. I've always picked stuff up though rather than have it posted.

I've printed inlays onto thick paper using the work copier before and found the ink wears off around the folded edges. For the last release i did, I got the b/w covers done at a proper printers and the quality is loads better. It was also pretty cheap: 60 2-panel double sided Jcards for £7, thats without getting them cut to size.

Tapeline actually gave us the tip of using ALDI's online photo service to get cheapo colour inlays. They do 4x6" prints for 5p each. … mp;lang=en

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Anyone else had any negative/positive experiences from Tapeline? I keep getting mixed opinions these days.

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Golding Products do tapes and they are dead cheap.