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Topic: Sonic Order (hardcore/punk/hardcore punk- Norwich)

We just put the whole record we did the other month on bandcamp.

We'll have a few tapes at Power Lunches on Friday and the Rumsey Wells in Norwich on Saturday (playing with NO) hopefully. But we want to get it out properly at some point soon. If you wanna help us let me know. Also, ask us to play your gigs.



Re: Sonic Order (hardcore/punk/hardcore punk- Norwich)

you can get tapes of this now from Static Shock and Quality Control records. We're getting some more made soon so will be trying to flog them also.

Re: Sonic Order (hardcore/punk/hardcore punk- Norwich)

We got a load of tapes made so they're for sale on the bandcamp now.

If you want some for distro or whatever get in touch with me at [email protected]

Re: Sonic Order (hardcore/punk/hardcore punk- Norwich)

new songs up here- https://sonicorder.bandcamp.com/album/sonic-order-7

Re: Sonic Order (hardcore/punk/hardcore punk- Norwich)

Our 7" is finally out... only a year or so after we recorded it...

Listen to it/buy it on our bandcamp- www.sonicorder.bandcamp.com

Wholesale copies and mail order is also available from Doomtown Records (Zagreb)- http://livinginadoomtown.bigcartel.com and Byllepest Distro (Oslo)- https://byllepestdistroofficial.bandcamp.com or just get in touch with me via PM and we'll work something out.