Topic: Burn out or fade away?

In the face of current pressing plant issues and changing situations in my own life, it's becoming apparent that within around half a year I won't be able to put as much energy into running my label as I would like, so I pose this question: do you think I should keep it going in a less 'intensive' capacity and release a couple of record a year, reducing the impact and scope or do you think it would make more sense to wrap it all up and say, 'we had fun, but now we're done.'

It could be that I'm worrying needlessly and I will be able to carry on, but advice would be much appreciated.

Re: Burn out or fade away?

i've done the latter. less releases, less copies, less stress. i still want to support great bands so doing this allows me to do that in some capacity. it's occurred to me a fair bit in the last year to just jack it in but i keep finding i can't. maybe you'll find the same smile