Topic: Teenage Hate Radio

I do a weekly punk/garage/HC show on Melbourne station RRR FM. Basically two hours or loud and obnoxious punk from AUS/US/UK

You can listen on demand here.

This weeks play list:

The Reatards - I'm So Gone
Crime - Piss On Your Dog

Whipper - Shit Love info
Cold Meat - Human Waste
Helta Skelta - Modern Lover
Public Eye - I Won't Go

Scraps - Relate to You
Liam Kenny - Border Fetish
Not Waving - Get Serious

C.C.T.V. - Anxiety
Theta - Eyes
Spacin' - Batfolk

The World - Managerial Material
Macho Boys - Papa Don't Preach II
The Repossessed - Born.Work.Die
Tigress - Lost
Soda Boys - Doghouse

Dark Blue - Delco Runts
Don Howland - Never Win
Red Red Meat - X Diamond Cutter Blues

Dusteaters - Two Seven One
Crude Humour - Dylan's Dead
Prom Night - Snakes
X45 - Power
Nuclear Age - Power of Youth

Brando's Island - Auto Warfare
Ed Kuepper - Car Headlights
Hierophants - Fagg Hopp
Spirit - 1984

SSD - Not Normal
Reason to Believe - Fear I Feel
In School - Praxis of Hate
Namatay Sa Ingay - Patak Ng Dugo
Feederz - Terrorist info

Blue Oyster Cult - Me 262 (live)
Magic Circle - Scream Evil

Re: Teenage Hate Radio

This is totally my kind of thing, cheers!