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37 year old male human.
Vocalist/lyricist in Send More Paramedics 2001-2007, zombie thrash-metal hardcore, UK festivals and tours, 3 albums plus split EPs, European tour with The Offspring.
Bass/backup vocals in and None Of Them Knew They Were Robots 2000-2003, post-hardcore emo/punk, UK tours, 3 EPs. No longer active on bass due to RSI.
Played trumpet on and off since school, now dabbling with improvisation and jazz progressions.
Practising creative writer and spoken word performer. Singing since school choir days…

Looking to find like-minded punk/alternative musicians and explore possibilities of a new band with melodic vocals and freak lyrics – off kilter punk with an original sound.

Some of my all-time favourite and most inspiring bands/musicians:
Jawbox, Descendents, Shudder To Think, Ramones, Done Lying Down, Alkaline Trio, Thelonious Monk, Boards of Canada, Voivod, Minutemen, Senseless Things...

Based North London, busy schedule, ideally practice 1 or 2 times monthly and play occasional gigs, tour and record if possible, also hang out and share serious music nerdery if found personable.

I love to rock – get in touch!

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Could be interested - have messaged you!

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sent you a message!