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Hearth Life I

May 14th 2016 \\ Chunk, 275 Meanwood RD, Leeds
4pm - DJ's til late \\ £6adv \ £8otd \\ 18+
2 Stages \\ No Clashes \\ Fully Licensed \\ Food + Art + Noise \\ No Dicks

The Afternoon Gentlemen
Power jooging, grind heavy weights.

Palehorse (London)
Noise-shitting bass bastards.

Horsebastard (Liverpool)
Equine grind ballads.

GHOLD (London/Leeds)
Progressive dwarven sludge trio.,

Razzin joff louts, playing grinding hcore.

Moloch (Nottingham)
Flawless dystopian sludge.

Shrykull (Nottingham)
Screeching death/grind darlings.

Valve wrecking grumble bunnies.

Lugubrious Children
Nimble grinding fastcore champs.

False Flags
Hcore tinged tricky noise rock.

Ona Snop
Donk maniacs.

Sludgey adventure doom.

Human Certainty
Delay soaked post punk.

Beige Palace
Hypnotic Viola led grooves. … rch-250116

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Re: Hearth Life I w/ TAG // Palehorse // Ghold // Moloch +++

Only a couple of weeks left until this zinger!