Topic: Punk (a dissection), ZINE, LOOKING FOR INPUT

Ok so what the fuck is this punk rock thing all about? It turns out a bunch of people have some very strong opinions on what punk rock is supposed to be and most of them disagree with each other.

I'm working on a zine about punk and I need some external input, I'm not trying to generate a dry general or academic definition of punk, what I'm interested in is people's own experiences and beliefs.

So... in as few words as you can manage, what does punk rock mean to you PERSONALLY? One sheet of A4 max, ideally one nice concise paragraph.

If you have something to say on the subject please email submissions to [email protected]

I'd really appreciate a few minutes of yr time! Oh yeah, anything you send me might end up in the zine so bear that in mind!

I will sort out contributors with copies of the finished zine.


Re: Punk (a dissection), ZINE, LOOKING FOR INPUT

This (old) review of WKSJ? LP sums it up nicely: http://somedaysthethundergetsyou.blogsp … illed.html