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Topic: Liverpool 9/7: Jutland Songs+Good Grief+Mean Jean+Oh Well, Goodbye

Hyper Enough comes out of some sort of semi-retirement to present...


The best band in Scotland - ex-Eska/Dananananaykroyd/other noisy bands you probably loved (and if not, why not?). FFO Superchunk, Polvo, Chavez... indie rock as it's supposed to be played, with melodies to burn, guitars set to stun and songs that'll take up residency in yr head and NEVER LEAVE. So yeah, quite good.

Liverpool trio nabbing ideas from 90s indie rock, 70s powerpop and whatever else takes their fancy. Once got called 'fraggle' and still not sure how to feel about it. Hüsker Dü, Dinosaur Jr, all that good stuff. Got a new split 7" out with the mighty Future Virgins, so come down to add that to yr collection, cheez.

http://www.rekordmeistermusic.co.uk/htm … uzzle.html
Long-term favourites of all right-thinking fans of Liverpool DIY pop. Huge melodies. Great songs. Guitars that twinkle brightly while the while thing bursts gloriously into flame. I'm getting a bit lost in this metaphor even at this early stage, but you know what? Puzzle are worth it. FFO Lemuria, Belly, Rainer Maria, all yr favourite records on Polyvinyl and Jade Tree. Look, they're just GREAT, ok? So come see 'em, duhhh.

You probably know P J Rourke as the guy behind Edils Recordings, or the drummer from countless bands woven into the fabric of Liverpool's DIY scene. Maybe you just know him as a good guy. But did you also know he makes brilliantly addictively downbeat indiepop as Oh Well, Goodbye, with help from hep'n'happening local folks? Dude rules. Tunes rule, in a Captured Tracks-friendly sorta way. Time to make friends.

@ the everlovin' Maguire's Pizza Bar, Renshaw Street
Saturday 9 July, 8pm
£5 in please

Re: Liverpool 9/7: Jutland Songs+Good Grief+Mean Jean+Oh Well, Goodbye

Mean Jean have had to pull out... Puzzle have stepped in though! COME!