Topic: Heavy/slow band - London area

Is anyone interested in starting something heavy and slow, with a concentration on writing/practicing/recording more than endlessly touring - at least for a little while.

To be honest I'm pretty open with influences, but Envy, Neurosis, Oathbreaker, Amenra, Year of No Light, Celeste, Downfall of Gaia...but anyway I've done vocals in a few bands so if anyone interested get in touch.

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Re: Heavy/slow band - London area

What do you play?

I'm bass or drums - looking to do something along the slow/heavy lines of True Widow, Dark Blue...

NW London.

Re: Heavy/slow band - London area

Just vocals, I like both of those bands but I'd be looking to scream (as much as that pains me to type) more than anything else, but instrumental wise I'm into it..... Like my perfect sound would be true widow meets unwound meets the slower Oathbreaker songs