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I apologize if i shouldn't post this in this forum. I hope it's cool. Anyway, i do a punk magazine called Negative Insight from the US, and the next issue is in the works. Here's the information if anyone is interested:

w/ SHITLICKERS "GBG 1982" 7"

GBG Hardcore, the third installment of Negative Insight magazine, is now in the works. This issue will feature interviews with the Shitlickers (Skit Lasse), Anti-Cimex, and Disarm, a comprehensive tour diary of the Anti-Cimex/Agoni 1986 Chainsaw U.K. Tour, a photo feature of long time GBG photographer Sebastian Todor, and additional content pertaining to the 1981-1986 Gothenburg, Sweden hardcore scene. It will also include previously unpublished photos as well as a large four panel fold out poster. The entire issue will be laid out in the 1980s aesthetic, using the same body font as early issues of MRR and Metal Forces and will be professionally printed on full sized gloss paper.

The issue comes packaged with a fully authorized official repress of the Shitlickers "GBG 1982" 7", made using the exact same plates as the original 1982 pressing. We have taken great care to maintain the integrity of the original release and ensure that this repress will sound every bit as loud, powerful, and violent as the initial pressing.

The release date is not yet set, and there will be no preorders. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

U.K. distribution will be handled by Inflammable Material and La Vida Es Un Mus Discos out of London. They will be able to handle mail orders and wholesale orders to supply other distros in the U.K. with copies. They should have them at a pretty good, non-import price.

More info including photos of the original Shitlickers plates can be seen here:

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Is this out?

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I believe it's coming out early 2017?

Very excited to see the magazine as well. NI is one of the finest and most well researched reads out there.

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