Topic: T. House (Sweet Williams, Charlottefield), Reading 1st October


cramming ourselves into the modest back room at one of Reading's finest booze emporiums.

T HOUSE, of Brighton, plays solo. normally seen in the band Sweet Williams who are excellent, and formally seen in the band Charlottefield who were also excellent. this will be excellent. … -tonight-2

CODY NOON, of Reading, play as a duo. machine beats underpin bass and guitar instrumentals. evokes non-existent memories of a life lived in a rural North American mill town... drinking beer and staring at the landscape.

SUN SKELETONS GET IT UP YERS TRIO, of Reading in theory, play as a trio. shahi baaja, guitar, sax, noise, improv.

we will be asking for donations in order to pay the bands. they'd probably appreciate a pint too.