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Does anyone know of any Punk/squat bars, good record shops, vege cafes etc ?

And what is there to see and do there?

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Onkel Otto is a great punk bar on Bernhard-Nocht-Str. It's pretty near the venue Hafenklang where a lot of punk bands play.
If you're into slightly alternative art Affenfaust was good when I was there. On Paul-Roosen-Strasse.
Fischkopp Plattenshop was my fav record shop on Marktstrasse, lots of interesting punk stuff and they gave me advice on what was going on (I speak a bit of German though)

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Visit the Millerntor. Also the Jolly Rodger Fan Pub on Budapester Str. 44.

The Kogge Rock and Roll hotel is good too.

But the most important thing to visit whilst in Hamburg is the Minature Wonderland. It's AMAZO.

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go down to the Harbor a short walk out of St Pauli centre / the reaperbahn and walk round the backstreets and there's entire blocks squatted with various pop up venues and social centres, as well as more traditional punk bars which play German Oi! and serve beer / play kicker till late.

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Oh also, one block from Rota Flora (big punk venue) in St Pauli there is a strip of record shops, which possible the best selection of post punk and weird psych/avante garde 60s/70s European music ever!