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Topic: Record stores round the world

Just got back from Bogota and whilst there stumbled across the most amazing record shop (picture below). It's called Cosmos Discos and shares space with a shoe shop. Amongst all the records there was also 2 beds, unclear if this was for customer use in between browsing the vast collection! What other gems have people have stumbled across in 'unlikely' places?

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Re: Record stores round the world

It's not there anymore but in 2003-ish there was a cassette shop in Central market in Kuala Lumpur that specialised in metal and hip-hop. Particularly lots of death and thrash metal, in what appeared to be legitimate non-pirated cassettes. The owner was, even by KL vendor standards, particularly keen and I ended up walking away with albums by Deicide, Mayhem and Outkast. I was, well, a lot younger then.