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Hi guys, we're new to the forum!

We're a DIY garage band from Falmouth, Cornwall. We thought it'd be sweet to start a thread for everyone to post their own recorded music, be it a single, EP or album and have people review them etc. and it could be a way of finding new fans!

Here's first EP that we recorded by ourselves and with our friends in the Black Tambourines.


Four piece DIY garage band from Falmouth, Cornwall. None of us are called Isabelle.

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welcome! top idea for a thread.

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Welcome! Here's my latest recording on which I played some guitar, some bass and recorded, mixed and mastered it : ) … d-in-drugs

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I'm new here too!

I'm a single musician that makes music under the name White Spot.
I write, record, and mix everything in my living room.

The genre is Noise Rock/Math/Grind/Sludge.

I just did a cassette release of my newest album, they came out awesome!

Check everything out here -

Thanks for listening!

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Hi Everyone, Hipshakes have just self-released a couple of LP's.

Introducing the 2nd and 3rd Hipshakes long players! Available to listen to and to purchase in lovely heavy black pure virgin vinyl in these locations:

Yes! Six years after it was finished, a full release for this hidden gem. Life, death and how to party are all dissected in 16 pop nuggets that usually but not always come in under the 2 minute mark!

Recorded by Mr Jason at Old School Studios, Norfolk, over 3 days in December 2009.
Mixed by Mr Jason and the band; mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. … and-vigour

The second album in medium fidelity, third overall and first as a four-piece! Hit after hit deals with important issues we all face every day: having no money, no emotional intelligence and no recognisable talent.

Recorded by MJ at Suburban Home, Leeds, over 3 days in September 2013.
Mixed by MJ with the band; mastered by Mikey Young in Melbourne

Also available to stream on soundcloud if you desire: … s-we-found … and-vigour

Thanks for your time.

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Hi guys, as well as promoting gigs, I tend to make some music on the side...
I've just released the first track from my new EP - you can listen to it at
I'd love some feedback if possible... what are your thoughts?
For fans of anything math/midi/experimental...

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Me and my mate Adam do a punky dbeat thing called Tout Suite. We're putting out a tape very soon, here's half of it:


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Hey folks

Literally just joined, but it'd be super-safe if any of you checked out my band's (WaLL) new ep; fresh this week.

We also have some super low quality demos up, if you really wanna listen to them.

FFO: Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Slint, Nation of Ullyses

Let me know what ya think!

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it's goooood!

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my band from spain: NO FUCKS

lo-fi, noise pop, beach punk, summer.


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This is the latest Halftime Parade record. We recorded it ourselves live at home, one afternoon last month and put it online yesterday … ia-holding

Here is the album we recorded the same way, last year … ad-morning

I also did an album by myself recently, recorded in my bathroom … e-doghouse

And a separate EP at the same time … getting-up

We're interested in DIY shows to play our new stuff live. We don't get out much (ever) and this post is the extent of our promotional activities. Thanks for reading.


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Hey, I'm in a DIY anarcho/post-punk/dance-punk band.
We are from Brighton and we are called Austerity.
We just played our first show and we have a demo tape coming out very soon.

If we sound like yr bag then you can check us out at

ALSO, we're looking for shows, will play for petrol money, hook us up!


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We're from Norway and play post-punk stuff.

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Hi everyone!

Not easy to find a good punk/hardcore... forum. The Collective Zine seems really cool.

I belong to a new band from north of France called Get Ready For The Crumble Spit. We play a kind of Mathcore/Punk and we released recently our first demo. You can hear it here:

Don't hesitate to let us your impressions or remarks, it will help us to improve our music.


Matchec (Get Ready For The Crumble Spit).

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Me and my mate recorded this sludgy noise-rock/punk single. Two bass VI's and a drum machine, and the odd bit of sampling in place of vocals, because vocals are stupid.

It was fun. Hopefully we'll do more of this sort of stuff, and perhaps do a single every few months.

Here's a pretty crude music video of sorts.

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We released this today...

You'll probably like this if you're into cathartic post-metal/shoegaze as due to it's genesis it's quite dark and bleak.


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Just joined because some top mush posted my band's EP in another thread and bandcamp sent me here. 
I play bass in a revolution summer/emotional hardcore band called Latchstring. You can nab our EP here: 
I also make slow drone a la Eluvium/Stars of the Lid/Ben Frost at Funcrusher:

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Hey my name's Khaylan and I'm a musician from London. I have a Rock/Metal solo project, would love it if you could check out my first music video there and let me know what you guys think!

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Our band is called NUMBSKULL ACTION.

D.I.Y. LO-FI, 4-track recorded, slop & roll

We just put out our 2nd Tape/Download its called "Action & Reaction", it sounds way better than the 1st tape "All the Action".

bands we like: The Saints, Radio Birdman, The Zeros, The Mummies, Super Charger & The Spits.

Detach your brain and enjoy! big_smile

Get Drunk and Listen to Records

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Hi everyone,

We're a band in London called Ziegler Co. We have recorded this EP, it is currently on this private playlist as we want to pass it round to music-types before it gets properly released. Looking for management if you are or know someone who might dig this kind of stuff (think Flaming Lips/Beach Boys/Vampire Weekend/Beatles)



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I'm a One-Man-Garage-Punk-Band, from Brighton.
I play drums by foot, guitar by hand, singing by mouth. No backing tracks, no pedals, no loops.

New single 'YOUNG FRANCIS PLAYS "GARAGE PUNK"' is available now to try and buy. … arage-punk

FFO: Ramones, Gories, Jay Reatard, Mark Sultan / BBQ, Billy Childish, Goner Records, Crypt Records etc..

Happy to plays shows anytime, any place. Gimme a shout!
[email protected]

Sites (@yyoungfrancis)

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so we're a new band from philly, pennsylvania. dudes from carved up, the minor times, nationale, five stars for failure, fighter hayabusa, hostages, the ideamen and the sea,the sea.

free 3 song download, four song cassette coming soon (hopefully).

loud and screamy rock stuff.


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pOrch from Oakland, CA.  For those who dig Unwound, Karp, Slint, Jesus Lizard, Harvey Milk, Codeine.  Recently pressed latest record on blue marble vinyl.  Self promoted. … remastered *** limited 180g blue marble vinyl * … 01.product … o-oakland/ … p-hemlock/ … -boss.html … g_boss.htm

Also, a good interview with Todd (our guitar player/singer) that we did for Custom Made Music back in 2014 : … porch.html


[email protected]

Re: Post Your DIY Singles/Eps/Albums -- screamo / emoviolence from minsk. post-mortem release (tapes were available via (

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heres some of my bands from Madrid, Spain. Im new to the forum as of today    hc/punk-new band nothing released yet, hope to put out first record this year asap  80s  emo/punk influenced new release (3 band split with zine) out late jan 2017 and will soon be looking for uk shows around early May 2017 … ards-split  grind/crust 7" still available in uk from h.b.

I also have a new small label Gronk Records- first co release is Nothing Clean & Ona Snop split 7". You can message me if u want any info on other Madrid based hc punk bands and releases if you want

hope the last bit aint spam