Topic: BRISTOL: Duds / Autobitch / VAN-illa / Attacked By Wolves 11/02 @Old E

Ark at ee presents

DUDS (Manchester)
At the Surrey Vaults last year, Duds played an absolute belter despite having next to no audience and having all been drinking since 9am. Since then, they've played two Marc Riley 6music sessions, have supported Gang of Four, The Raincoats, The Pop Group, The Rebel, released a 7" EP and toured Sweden... Word is they practice every single day. And to top it all, they are truly excellent human beings. They have nailed the rare feat of being a current 'guitar' band that's hard not to like.. I urge you to come and see what all the fuss is about. Have a listen to these beauts:

Auto Bitch are a live proposition only. Katie makes songs up as she goes, usually becoming unhinged, sometimes screaming, sometimes whispering, whilst Kim hammers out curiously infectious beats that only ever build on the weird tension created by their not knowing what the fuck is going to happen next, despite their apparent telepathy. Sometimes annoying, sometimes harsh, never boring and always great! Have recently played alongside Consumer Electronics, No Form, Young Echo and played a stonking festival closing set on the BEEF stage in the woods at Supernormal last year.

VAN-illa (Cardiff)
Exceptionally strong fuzzed punk songs, a little grungey and garagey to boot, something there's sadly not really enough of in these parts. Despite having played Bristol a rather lot last year, I managed to catch them not once. The three songs online grabbed me, and I have also been recommended them by a number of trustworthy characters. You've probably already seen them.

George Mckenzie of a million different local bands of many years fame brings you his solo tape loop project. Admittedly, something else I've not managed to catch before despite having been deaparate to see it for a long time. I have full faith this will be well worth catching.

Donations of around £6 greatly appreciated. All money after bands expenses will be donated to 'Refugee Women of Bristol' who could really do with our money right now: